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Fans Have Been Harassing Aaron Carter's Fiancée Melanie Martin In The Days Since His Death

Fans Have Been Harassing Aaron Carter's Fiancée Melanie Martin In The Days Since His Death

Melanie Martin is still grappling with the death of fiancé Aaron Carter — and yet fans are giving her no respite to grieve.

The mother to nearly-1-year-old son Prince, whom she shared with the singer, has been trying to get her affairs in order following the singer’s tragic passing a week ago. However, unfounded conspiracy theories have been popping up online about her supposed involvement in Aaron’s death. And some over-zealous followers have even gone so far as to stake out Carter’s home in Lancaster, California.

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According to TMZ, sources close to Melanie reported some of the Aaron’s Party singer’s fans have been “making life even harder” for her this week. The young mother has found it difficult to go online, for one. Calling the situation a “nightmare,” insiders report Melanie is receiving a barrage of hateful and accusatory messages from Carter’s followers.

Some have wished death on her amid her grief over Aaron’s loss. Others have even gone so far as to accuse her of being responsible for his passing. Of course, there’s no proof of that, and absolutely no indication she was involved in any way. But particularly aggressive theorists have pointed to Aaron’s own recent words about death as supposed proof that Melanie was somehow nefariously involved. Ugh…

While the digital drama is extremely unfortunate, there have been some real-life problems, as well. As we touched on earlier, unwanted fans have been showing up at Aaron’s home in Lancaster. These people have brazenly walked onto the property, and even gone “right up to the windows of the house or vehicles to peer inside.”

Holy s**t!

What is wrong with people?? Let Aaron’s loved ones be during this terrible time. Jeez!!

Understandably, those visits are “scaring the hell out of” the mourning Melanie. This week, she requested a police presence at the pad while she was there to pick up some stuff. Paparazzi pics showed cops on scene offering oversight as she did what she had to do inside. It was a precautionary measure, the outlet noted. But with all the harassment directed at her, there’s no telling whether some person could have shown up with a darker goal in mind.

Even that simple household chore didn’t come with drama, though. Social media users picked up on the police presence and accused Melanie of stealing Aaron’s stuff after death. The news org reported she was actually retrieving baby items for Prince, as well as some of her own personal possessions. But that didn’t stop the speculation online.

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Insiders shared the internet aggression has a long history here. Melanie believes Aaron was “deeply affected by the online hate” during his life. So it’s particularly heartbreaking to have it rear up again after his death. Now, with the dark attention turned towards her, she truly “understands the issues Aaron was living with for years.”

That kind of interaction is not healthy. At worst, it’s dangerous. Plus, it’s certainly not helpful to Melanie and Prince as they deal with the aftermath of this tragic situation. We continue to send our condolences to Aaron’s loved ones during this tough time. And we wish people would just leave them alone to grieve!

[Image via Melanie Martin/Instagram]

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