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Meet Armie Hammer's New GF Who 'Turned His Life Around'

armie hammer : meet new gf who turned his life around

Even alleged cannibals can find love, it seems…

Somehow, it’s not totally surprising that Armie Hammer is already in a relationship, even after all the controversy he’s experienced in the last few months. After all, he was said to be serially unfaithful to his wife Elizabeth Chambers, and quite a few women have come forward about their relationships with him — clearly he gets around. Still, it’s hard to imagine him enjoying a blossoming new romance with a sexual assault investigation in Los Angeles hanging over his head.

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And yet, sources have told that the actor is actually thriving, and it’s all due to his girlfriend of three months, Lisa Perejma. According to the insider, the dental hygienist, who originally hailed from Canada before moving to the Cayman Islands, “really helped turn Armie’s life around.” (Does that mean he’s left the supposed cannibalism and BDSM behind? Because we sort of doubt that.)

The source shared:

“Armie’s happier and healthier than I’ve seen him in a long time. He’s even introduced her to his father and stepmother — it won’t be long until she meets his kids.”

Sounds like a big deal, but then, Paige Lorenze also allegedly spent Thanksgiving with the Lone Ranger star’s mother during their short-lived relationship, and look how that turned out. “Meeting the family” may not be the benchmark for Armie that it is for others.

The insider added:

“Lisa is a super nice girl and has a great reputation on the island. She’s so good for him.”

BTW, her Instagram account is locked now (you can see some pics HERE), but according to RadarOnline, Armie has liked photos of hers dating back to 2019. So they’ve either actually known each other for a while now, or he was doing some real IG stalking. According to the Daily Mail source, though, the 34-year-old’s ex has been an “obstacle” in his new relationship. They claimed he has now moved into his own home on the Island, but apparently it was at Elizabeth’s insistence. The source said:

“He left the Ritz [Carlton] because Elizabeth made his life a living hell.”

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Maybe she had a problem with it because she wanted a more stable environment for her kids? Or maybe it was because the father of two is reportedly broke? In any case, bothering her baby daddy about his living situation wasn’t her only interference in Armie’s relationship, per a source for Page Six. They told the outlet:

“I know Elizabeth was sending [Lisa] horrible messages from a fake Instagram account. I was shocked with her behavior.”

We have to wonder if those “horrible messages” were just honest warnings about Armie’s behavior, which by all accounts can get pretty extreme. It seems hard to believe that the entrepreneur would spend her time harassing her ex’s new GF with everything else going on, but this story has had more twists and turns than we ever would have guessed.

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Could Armie’s new woman possibly have “turned his life around” in such a short amount of time (when there’s still an active rape investigation going on)? Is Elizabeth really an anonymous cyberbully now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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