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Blake Moynes Accuses Bachelorette Katie Thurston Of 'Emotionally Cheating' -- Using Her '12 Days' Timeline As Proof!

Blake Moynes Reacts To Bachelorette Katie Thurston's New Relationship & He Makes A GREAT Point

Blake Moynes has a LOT to say about his ex-fiancéeKatie Thurston, dating fellow former Bachelorette contestant John Hersey.

As we’ve been reporting, Katie revealed the new relationship this week, at the very end of her “12 Days of Messy” holiday-themed, Taylor Swift-inspired social media series on the men she’s dated in her public life — including Blake. On the 12th day, on Tuesday, the 30-year-old former Bachelorette leading lady shared with her social media followers her new relationship with Hersey, who had previously been eliminated on the second week of her run on the hit ABC reality TV show.

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Blake was understandably shocked when he first heard about the new coupling, and now, we are hearing a lot more from the spurned ex-lover himself. As we previously noted, Blake was scheduled to appear on Talking It Out, a Bachelor-themed podcast hosted by two fellow alums of the reality series — Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo — on Wednesday morning.

Now, that episode has been released, and we’re here to analyze it!!!

Speaking candidly about hearing the news of Katie and John’s romantic links, Blake explained:

“Everyone’s asking me questions like I have the answers. I don’t. I have no idea. When everyone heard this, I heard the exact same thing. There was speculation, I think, obviously. But I really thought there was no way. Just based on timeline.”

No kidding!

Blake made one really good point during the podcast discussion, arguing that Katie’s “12 Days of Messy,” which compared her exes to Swift songs, wasn’t that wise in terms of airing out people publicly without their consent. And it’s doubly dubious considering how Katie used Taylor’s Begin Again as her final song, dedicated to Hersey.

Of course, way back on September 2 (!), Katie did post this pic series with her “dear dear friend” John down in San Diego, so there’s clearly been a connection there for a while:


In discussing his ex’s idea to make social media content out of real-life heartbreak, Moynes also pondered the timeline between their breakup (about four weeks ago) and her rebound coming off a nearly two-week-long social media series:

“That’s what I have a hard time processing [the timeline of events]. Just because, you know, the ‘12 Days of Messy,’ that I didn’t sign up for, but was attached to. Just like all the other guys. You know, it started 12 days ago — I’m sure that she probably knew who day twelve was and who it was gonna be and why. So, I try to think about the breakup happening when it did roughly a month ago. Naturally, you start to think about timelines, ‘OK, well, I know they spent a lot of time together and stuff, but like, there’s just no way.’ I never had an inkling.”

Jeez! Either this dude is the most unaware partner on the planet, or he really did get totally blindsided. (Or both, probably.)

It appears that Blake actually asked himself about that already, too. Speaking on the podcast about “emotional” cheating, the Canadian reality TV star offered:

“I really don’t think there was any physical cheating there. But there’s clearly emotional for it to transition as quickly as it did. I feel stupid and foolish for allowing it to happen, I guess to some degree. And I don’t know if it was partially me too. Was she, in some sense, emotionally cheating to a degree because I wasn’t able to provide something with words of affirmation, which I know I struggle with sometimes? I just have so many things I’m trying to figure out why it went wrong. Why it transitioned so quickly into a new relationship.”

Those are tough topics to think about.

Now that you’ve heard some of Blake’s opinions about Katie and John, what do U make of this situation, Perezcious readers? Did Katie cross some kind of line with how quickly she moved on, or how publicly she re-hashed old breakups in that ’12 Days of Messy’ series? Or is it all fair game, since she obviously was single by the time she and John officially got together??

Sound OFF with your thoughts on this muddled and messy situation down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Blake Moynes/Katie Thurston/Instagram]

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