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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Planning BIG Summer Trip Together!

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Summer Trip Vacation Relationship

Sorry, doubters! This was NOT just a Spring fling!

As the air is beginning to heat up, so is the recently resumed relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

The two first began seeing one another in clandestine meetings after her split from former fiancé Alex Rodriguez, complete with car switching to avoid paparazzi cameras, but that was all the way back in April. Now it’s June, and you know what the arrival of Summer means: sun’s out, loved ones out. Together. Shut up, that totally worked.

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While neither Ben nor Jen has officially confirmed the reconciliation with any of the usual fanfare — a red carpet appearance, Instagram pics, a giddy Oprah interview — recently Bennifer have become much less willing to hide their love. And honestly it makes sense considering how difficult it would be to keep their rendezvous secret when they’re traveling back and forth across the country to see one another.

We’ve seen displays of the rekindled romance everywhere from West Hollywood to Miami to Big Sky, Montana… Where will they show up next??

As an insider puts it to People on Friday, the couple “want to spend as much time together as possible” despite living on different coasts and having their own sets of responsibilities, including children and movie stardom — both of which require constant care and guidance.

Now the source says Bennifer 2020 “are discussing summer plans” — some way to spend extra time together. The insider adds:

“They also want to take a trip.”

Ooh, a big Summer vacay? We wonder if that includes the kids or if it’s going to be more of a tropical paradise getaway for lovers. (We hear Virginia is perfect for that kind of thing! Oh, except for the tropical paradise part…) Or maybe they could visit Boston and Ben could reintroduce J.Lo to his dad?

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The insider had no idea where the potential sojourn could take them, but they did say on thing for sure: Jennifer “is incredibly happy” right now. And as we’ve reported before, we’re way past the whole furtive, dipping-a-toe-in, seeing-where-it-goes thing — this is full-on dating. The source says:

“They are both acting very comfortable in their relationship.”

Can they keep this up all Summer? And beyond? We know Jennifer kept that amazing engagement ring all these years if this romance turns out to be less seasonal and more evergreen.

Do YOU think Bennifer will go the distance this time? Or just get worn out by all the miles??

[Image via WENN/Jennifer Lopez/Instagram.]

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