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Wait, Is Kylie Jenner Having Twins?! Caitlyn Jenner May Have Just Accidentally Said TWO Much!

Wait, Is Kylie Jenner Having Twins?! Caitlyn Jenner May Have Just Accidentally Said TWO Much!

Caitlyn Jenner is out here spilling ALL the tea… and we don’t mean that in any sort of positive way.

The 72-year-old reality TV star and former Olympic gold medalist went on Good Morning Britain Friday morning and over the course of her interview appeared to reveal several MAJOR bombshells! One of those, specifically concerning her currently-pregnant daughter Kylie Jenner, has us seriously scratching our heads over here!

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It all started when the former I Am Cait star — who has 18 grandchildren on record spread among her six children — explained on air that there are currently two more kids “in the oven” waiting to be born.

Specifically mentioning that apparent pair “in the oven” but providing no further details as to which grandchildren are expecting, Caitlyn joked that the current tally would bring her up to 20, on her way towards her goal of 30 (below):

“I told all the kids, I’m going for 30 grandchildren. That’s a nice round number. Now the girls weren’t too excited about that, but I figure if you have ten children you average three apiece but one might have four, one might have two so we’re kind of on schedule. I love a good goal and the girls are on it.”

OK, but wait a minute… two? TWO?!

Which two??

We know Kylie and partner Travis Scott are expecting a little sibling for daughter Stormi Webster, and that highly-anticipated baby would be Caitlyn’s 19th grandchild, but two?? And they are both “in the oven” right now?!

Soooooo does that mean Kylie might be having twins??? That seems to be the natural conclusion.

Or… perhaps could that mean Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are expecting a child?!?! (Wouldn’t that be a wild reveal if it were true!!!)

Either way, Caitlyn has previously accidentally divulged baby-related secret information to the public because she can’t stop talking on camera, so forgive us if we now basically expect the former gubernatorial hopeful to screw up! (Come to think of it, Caitlyn has a lot of problems with accidentally revealing secrets. Hmmm… Kinda makes you wonder…)

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Oh, and if that wasn’t enough of a slip for one short daytime TV interview, Caitlyn is also being dragged online for saying too much about how reality competition TV shows really work!

According to The Metro, during that very same GMB interview on Friday morning, the 72-year-old grandparent let fly that the disgusting eating challenges on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here aren’t nearly as bad as producers make them seem!

Caitlyn Jenner Fuels Kylie Pregnancy Rumors By Saying She Has A New Grandchild Coming!
Not great, Cait! / (c) WENN/Avalon

Reflecting on having to eat a cow’s eyeball on that grisly show, Caitlyn explained that even though the tasks sound disgusting and appear to be over-the-top on TV, they are actually (quite literally!!!) watered down:

“I had to eat a cow’s eyeball. I’ve never done that before and the first bite was by far the worst… I asked the doctor [on set], is any of this stuff going to make you sick?’ And he said ‘Absolutely not, it’s all been purified, it’s all been taken care of. It may taste terrible but just think of it as a really good protein shake!’ And I went OK, if I have that attitude I can get it down as a good protein shake. I had to drink this vomit stuff, that was the hardest part for me.”


We can just imagine Caitlyn’s poor, frazzled publicist standing off camera and frantically waving a big ol’ sign that reads STOP TALKING in huge letters!


What do U make of Caitlyn’s apparent inability to keep quiet, Perezcious readers??

Could Kylie be expecting twins based on today’s apparently accidental reveal?! Or is there something else going on??

Let us know what you think about this tricky situation down in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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