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Camila Cabello Says 'Crippling' Anxiety Was 'Getting In The Way' Of Shawn Mendes Relationship!

Camila Cabello Says 'Crippling' Anxiety Was 'Getting In The Way' Of Shawn Mendes Relationship!

Camila Cabello’s mental health struggles may have driven a wedge between her and Shawn Mendes!

The singer opened up about her battle with anxiety in a candid new interview for Apple Fitness+’s Time To Walk podcast. In an exclusive sneak peek shared with People on Monday, the 24-year-old reflected on how the pandemic forced her to confront her mental health challenges, especially as they impacted her relationship with then-boyfriend Shawn.

FYI, we suspect this interview was recorded ahead of the former couple’s breakup news going public last Wednesday given how candid she was about their struggles. As we’ve been reporting, the split was “initiated” by the Wonder crooner so Camila wouldn’t have seen it coming and therefore may not have minded sharing how the duo worked through a tough spot in their romantic life. Just food for thought as you read on…

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Discussing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on her career and personal life, the songwriter noted that she hadn’t had such a long stretch of downtime since before she joined Fifth Harmony, sharing:

“Before the pandemic, I felt really burnt out. I had been working pretty nonstop since I was 15. And the rigor with which I started working, there was just no time off. I was barely home. I didn’t have time to get to know who I was outside of my career. Pile that onto struggles with mental health, with anxiety, with these toxic levels of stress, it wasn’t even a meltdown because I would just work through it.”

Always focused on propelling her career forward, she hardly ever took a moment to rest and recharge — something that would come back to bite her once she was forced to stay home. Cabello mused on her former work ethic:

“I was just exhausted in every way and at that point, I felt like I was running a marathon with a broken leg. I kept going, but it was extremely hard. And I wish that I would’ve just been like, ‘Let me just stop for a second and get a nice cast for my broken leg and get some physical therapy.’ But I didn’t. COVID stepped in and kind of did it for me.”

The Havana vocalist was halfway through filming her latest film Cinderella when coronavirus lockdowns impacted the entire world. She was sent back home to the U.S. to wait out the pandemic, where she “would just break down crying once a day at least.” Seeing as this “cripplingly” anxiety was getting out of control, it quickly impacted her relationships, including with her now ex-beau:

“I felt so anxious, cripplingly anxious. I just felt really unstable, and I just felt a mess because suddenly, this thing that was distracting me, my work and filming, was not there. And so I was just left with my anxiety and my mind. And it was getting in the way of my relationship. It was getting in the way of my friendships, my time at home.”

To get into a better mental state, she learned to “shift her priority” to focus on what she could control: her well-being.

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The Miami native noted:

“I definitely asked for help. I asked for time. And I learned a lot of tools. I tried a lot of different things, different kinds of therapy, meditation, exercise, changing the way I eat, definitely changing the way I schedule my time and making sure that there’s balance, that I have time for friendships and connection with people and I’m not just nose to the grindstone, not paying attention to my body and my needs.”

The impact of seeking these “tools” has been revolutionary, the Grammy winner continued:

“It was pretty life-changing for me just having the first moment, I feel like, since I was 15, to cry, to feel the negative emotions without feeling like I had to bury them and perform in five minutes, to be in the same place for more than two weeks because I hadn’t been home for such a long time. It gave me the gift of finding new hobbies and other things that soothe me.”

It already sounds like she’s relying on these new tricks to get through her latest troubles. Since her shocking split from the Canadian, sources have revealed that Camila is focusing on time with her friends while she processes the end of the relationship. An E! News insider told the outlet on Saturday:

“It was really hard [for Camila] for a few days but she has been spending a lot of time with friends and keeping busy. She has a huge support system and is feeling renewed now.”

Great to hear! It’s always good to have a strong support system in difficult times like these, especially if mental health has already been a challenge. Thoughts on this latest revelation, Perezcious readers? Do U think this anxiety could have caused issues for the former couple’s relationship? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes/Instagram]

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