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Donald Trump In Position To Make Millions Of Dollars Doing WHAT After His Presidency?!

Donald Trump will command MILLIONS in speaking fees after he's done as President...

Looks like Donald Trump may have a way to pay off all that debt after all!

The one-term President, who lost re-election earlier this month in a resounding defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, now must find something else to do with his time after his term ends in January. And according to insiders in one very lucrative industry, well, they think they found the perfect thing for the New Yorker who LOVES to talk about himself.

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As is the case with any former President, there are huge sums here for Donald to potentially make at speaking engagements after he leaves office. Former politicians like Barack ObamaHillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton have done the same thing, with much success, but if these insiders are to be believed, the fees commanded by Trump would be INSANE.

According to TMZ, insiders who “help celebs get such deals” believe Trump could make up to $1 million per speech in America, and could command as much as $2 million per speech outside the country, depending on where he speaks and to what crowd. (And yes, in case you were wondering, those same insiders think places like Israel and Russia would be among the first places Trump would try out this new job opportunity.)

But it’s not just Donald, either! Insiders claim wife (uhhh, for now?) Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump would both easily receive six figures per speech on the speaker’s circuit. Further down the list are Eric TrumpTiffany Trump, and Donald Trump Jr., who would be raking in comparative peanuts. Industry insiders believe they’d receive just $50,000 to $75,000 per speech in the US, with no international market taking notice of the three of them. That’s not exactly chump change, of course — we’d take that money to talk for an hour! — but it pales in comparison to their domineering dad. Sorry, Junior!

There’s just one little problem with this potential grift: according to TMZ, PR and marketing firms and talent agencies “aren’t lining up to sign the Trumps as clients,” because they fear it would piss of their current (actually successful) clients and drive away business. Hey, Trump, put s**tty policies in place and deal with s**tty post-administration consequences because of it! That’s what we say!

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What do U make of this speaker’s circuit insanity, Perezcious readers?!

It was already out of control with corporations and organizations paying ungodly sums to regular ex-politicians and public figures to talk. For one, Caitlyn Jenner made a TON of money on this circuit for years talking about her Olympic exploits to business groups back when she identified as Bruce. But Trump, well, he would take it to a whole new level, wouldn’t it?

Sound OFF with your take on everything here down in the comments (below)…

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