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Sorry, Dr. Dre Has To Pay Ex-Wife Nicole Young HOW MUCH In Divorce Settlement!?

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre in 2015

Nicole Young has secured the bag!

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre and his former wife of over 24 years have finally reached an agreement in their bitter divorce — and it’s going to cost him a pretty penny. The outlet reports that Nicole will receive a whopping $50 million now and another $50 million in a year, totaling in a cool $100 million payout from her now-ex.

While this seems like a lot of dough, Nicole is only getting a fraction of what she’d be receiving if the pair didn’t have a prenuptial agreement. If there was no prenup, she’d be entitled to half of earnings of the music mogul, who has an estimated net worth of $820 million.

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The rapper will get to keep the seven properties he and Nicole own, which include a Malibu mansion, two homes in Calabasas, California, and four properties in El Lay. He also gets full possession of his master recordings, trademarks, interests in partnerships and trusts, and their Apple stocks, which includes proceeds from selling Beats by Dre.

The pair agreed to split ownership of their fleet of cars, with Dre getting six and Nicole landing four. Who got what car wasn’t specified, though we imagine their more motorhead fans will be able to spot that in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Nicole will get to keep her jewelry, cash, and the bank accounts she had during the marriage, as well as items from their several homes that belong to her that were placed in storage. The model is responsible for paying her own legal fees — which reportedly amount to millions of dollars — however, a judge reportedly ordered the former N.W.A. member to pay a $500,000 portion of those fees by May 7.

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The settlement officially terminates any spousal support, of which Nicole was temporarily granted $2 million per month earlier this year. No discussion about child support was needed, as the pair share only adult children: son Truice and daughter Truly.

As we reported, the couple asked a California judge to legally end their marriage in April after Nicole came forward with horrific domestic violence allegations against the musician. After alleging her estranged husband had three mistresses, she claimed the Beats by Dre founder had once held her at gunpoint, and detailed many other instances of violence spanning their 24-year marriage.

We’re just glad the worst of this is finally over. Hopefully both parties can find peace and happiness. And, you know, buy it, we guess.

[Image via La Niece/WENN]

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