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Is Elon Musk The Only Person Who Can Get Through To Kanye West??

Is Elon Musk The Only Person Who Can Get Through To Kanye West??

Elon Musk claims he’s spoken to Kanye West in the days after the rapper was locked out of Instagram, and then Twitter, over anti-Semitic remarks and other unsettling comments on both social media platforms.

The SpaceX CEO took to Twitter on Monday afternoon and relayed info to his 108 million followers about supposedly having some kind of conversation with Ye. Knowing both of their big egos and right-wing-adjacent political turns in recent years, it begs the question: could Elon be the only one to get through to Kanye? And would that even be a good thing?

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Elon first jumped into the fray here way back on Saturday. The night before, Ye tweeted an old picture of himself and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and questioned why the tech exec had limited the rapper’s IG account. On Saturday morning, Elon — who is in talks to buy Twitter right now — replied to Ye’s tweet with a simple message.

It read:

“Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!”

Immediately, that message got everyone talking. As of Tuesday morning, that tweet boasts almost 30,000 retweets and nearly 500,000 likes! Jeez!!

And considering Ye had also previously name-dropped the Tesla exec during his recent rambling interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the seeds were being planted for some billionaire-minded cross-connection between ’em. Oh, just imagine the egos in that room… Anyway, it was yesterday afternoon that Elon delivered the follow-up, indicating he had a conversation with the Life of Pablo rapper.

The tech guru alluded to the gravity behind Ye’s social media behavior being the topic of their chat:

“Talked to ye today & expressed my concerns about his recent tweet, which I think he took to heart”

We can only hope Ye really took those concerns to heart. We also wonder what Elon’s concerns were, exactly. We’re not exactly buoyed by Musk’s own cultural leanings. So we have lots of questions about this exchange!!

Here is the reply reveal in full (below):


There’s a lot going on here. For one, as we’ve previously noted, insiders close to Ye are allegedly worried about the severity of his recent break. On Monday, a report revealed the Chicago native is allegedly “barely sleeping” at this point, and “going against the advice of his team” when it comes to pretty much all of his recent public actions.

Besides concern over Kanye’s increasingly erratic moments, we wonder what effect Elon’s Twitter takeover attempt could be having on this. There are many different interests at play in this sitch — and it’s all on display for the world to see.

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Plus, Republicans are having a field day with it. A few days before Elon revealed this recent exchange with Ye, the Republican Party’s official account representing the House Committee on the Judiciary tweeted out their love for a bizarre triumvirate of personalities:

Ohhhh, no. Don’t bring Donald Trump into this s**t too!! If you summon all three of them together, the world implodes. (We’re only kidding about that. We hope.)


Seriously, tho, is Musk the only person who can get through to Ye? Their egos certainly match up. But could the tech whiz actually be sharing legitimate concerns with the rapper in a bid to bring him back to reality?! That would definitely be… something. Especially since his friends have seemingly been met with a wall when trying to reason with Kanye. Reactions, Perezcious readers??

Also, a much needed reminder that being mentally ill does not cause you to be a bigot

[Image via Owen Beiny/WENN/Avalon]

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