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Ryan Anderson Speaks Out On Betrayal Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard IMMEDIATELY Getting Tattoos With Ex!

Ryan Anderson's reaction to ex Gypsy Rose Blanchard getting back together with Ken Urker

Ryan Anderson is having a really hard time seeing Gypsy Rose Blanchard move on so quickly!

Shortly after breaking up with her husband in March, the former felon started to spend a lot of time with ex-fiancé Ken Urker. Not just casual hangouts either! They got matching tattoos together! They were caught holding hands! All of this screamed that Ken and Gypsy got back together! The two claimed to be just friends at first, which no one was buying.

Eventually they were spotted getting quite cozy at a music festival. There was no more denying it at that point! At the end of April, the same month she filed for divorce from Ryan, Gypsy finally confirmed their relationship!

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So the timing is a bit sus, right? It seems she ditched Ryan the moment Ken came back into her life, right? The felon-turned-reality star insists she didn’t leave Ryan for Ken. She says it was all because of a big fight, incompatibility, etc.

The 32-year-old’s estranged hubby, on the other hand, thinks otherwise! He fully believes her beau is to blame for their marriage ending! Yikes. Now that he has to watch her be with Ken so soon — and so publicly — after their split? It’s rubbing salt in the wound for him! He told E! News on Wednesday:

“It’s hard to watch unfold in the public eye like that. There were certain things that happened that really, really got me that really, really affected me.”

Oof. What hurts the most for the special education teacher is the new couple getting matching ink together! He said:

“The matching tattoos really, really got me, that was one that really hurt. It’s hard to process.”

Yeah, we bet! Considering they had just broken up when it happened, it must have felt like a slap to the face! Before you even know if the separation is permanent, she’s committing to matching ink?? As Ryan explained, it was how “permanent” the move was that really stung:

“It’s one of those things that you always look down and see, one of those things that you just can’t erase.”

Not to mention that it’s an awkward reminder for both Ken and Gypsy if things don’t work out… again. While the divorce and watching his estranged wife reunite with her former lover has been “hard” for Ryan, what has helped him get through it all is the “support” from fans online over the past two months:

“It’s amazing to see the love and support I get, just being myself. I’m just a genuine person. I fell in love with Gypsy, that’s the only thing about me, I’m just a normal guy. So, it’s cool to see the support.”

Unfortunately for Ryan, he’ll have to get used to seeing Gypsy and Ken together! He doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, at least according to Gypsy! In fact, she previously told Us Weekly she’s open to making their relationship more permanent one day — through marriage and kids! So no matter how much it may sting for Ryan, she’s very serious about her current guy! And of course if she stays in the spotlight, they’ll be on TV together, too…

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[Image via Gypsy Rose Blanchard/TikTok, Lifetime/YouTube]

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Jun 05, 2024 15:44pm PDT

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