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'I Cut Them, I'll Cut You': Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger's SCARY Alleged Prison Behavior

Idaho Murders Suspect Allegedly Told Guards 'I Cut Them, I'll Cut You' Amid Unsettling Jail Behavior

Accused murderer Bryan Kohberger reportedly ranted loudly, taunted guards, and tried to expose himself to female inmates during his days sitting in a Pennsylvania jail cell while awaiting extradition back to Idaho.

As we’ve been reporting, Kohberger has been accused of murdering four University of Idaho students at their off-campus residence back in mid-November. The 28-year-old criminology graduate student was arrested at his parents’ home in Scranton, Pennsylvania late last month after police and the FBI tracked him to the area following a cross-country drive home he’d taken with his father.

After the arrest, Kohberger was placed in a cell in Scranton’s Monroe County Jail. As cops in Moscow, Idaho got together their extradition documents to move Kohberger back to the small town, cops in Scranton held him in remand. And now, we are getting an idea what it was like for him — and others — inside that jail.

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An inmate named Valerie Cipollina spoke to about being housed in the same section of the jail as Kohberger. Cipollina is a 50-year-old woman who was arrested on New Year’s Day on a domestic violence charge after allegedly getting in a fight with her boyfriend. Cops took her to Monroe County Jail, too, where Kohberger had already been detained. While Cipollina’s case was processed into the system, she was placed in a cell across and one over from Kohberger.

For hours as she awaited her release, Valerie was able to see the accused killer fairly close up. She didn’t initially know who he was, but jailers quickly clued her in on his alleged crimes. Shocked at the allegations against the Washington State University student, she observed carefully.

According to Cipollina, Kohberger “yelled repeatedly” during his time in detention. She reported he was not wearing a suicide prevention suit, which prison guards call a “turtle suit,” while in his cell. That garment was what Kohberger appeared to have on in his now-widely-circulated mugshot (inset, above). Instead, according to Valerie, he was in a regular orange prison jumpsuit when she saw him.

As she first started to take notice of the accused killer, she asked guards and other inmates who he was. One inmate dryly replied to her:

“That’s the guy who killed those college students.”

As Kohberger and Valerie sat in nearly opposite cells, she says she noticed him taunting prison guards who would walk by. She reported:

“I could see him through the polycarbonate glass window of his jail cell. He was standing up right against it, yelling out violent rap lyrics.”

At one point, she claims the accused murderer said to a guard:

“I cut them, I’ll cut you.”


When another guard approached Kohberger’s cell, Cipollina recalls, he lashed out again:

“You come in here and I’ll cut you. I’m going to pee on your face. Do what you want with me, I don’t give a s**t.”


At one point, Valerie claimed Kohberger began to “repeatedly” lift his shirt. She heard guards tell him “several times” to put his pants back on. Cipollina could not see the lower half of Kohberger’s body because of a partition in the cell door, but she told the outlet she thought he was exposing himself for her benefit:

“I couldn’t see his genitals because the glass wall only went down so far.”


At one point, Kohberger allegedly began yelling out verses from Lil Wayne‘s rap Multiple Flows, including a line that went “f**k my enemies and foes.” The accused killer “also sang violent and misogynistic lyrics from Bad Bunny songs,” according to Valerie.

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When one jailer came to Kohberger’s cell and ordered him to calm down, the grad student allegedly became enraged. Valerie says the alleged murderer told the guard:

“‘Come on in mother f**ker. You come in here. Let’s talk.’ He then screamed at the top of his lungs, ‘come in all of you. You scared of me? You should be scared of me. You’re going to do nothing to me because I’m going to cut all of you up. Come into this cell and I’ll show you I’m a creeper. Come in this cell and I’ll cut you up too.'”

Holy s**t!!

As for the other inmates? No word yet on what they saw with him, but TMZ reports he’s been in house with multiple alleged child rapists and other violent offenders. Kohberger’s extradition hearing eventually went through, and he was pulled out of Monroe County Jail for transport back to Idaho. On Wednesday night, the criminology student was returned to Idaho to stand for the murder charges.

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[Image via KHOU11/YouTube/Monroe County Correctional Facility]

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