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Sorry, James Corden Washes His Hair HOW LITTLE?!

James Corden Shampoo Clip

Wow, a new reason for people not to like James Corden

The late night host burned through his good will in record time for a TV personality, going from fun fresh face to widely DETESTED entertainment figure in a few short years. We’re not sure when the turn happened exactly, but moments like this definitely don’t help!

A clip from a recent episode has suddenly gone viral because in the middle of a convo, Corden makes a stunning admission: he only washes his hair a handful of times A YEAR! Huh?!

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When presented the report that El Lay residents are being asked to shorten their showers by 4 minutes, he’s flummoxed — because his showers only take 3-4 mins already! When told the average is about 10 minutes, he blanches:

“Stop, no, you’re joking me! What?! If that’s the average, that means there’s people who are in there for 20 minutes. I’m in and out in a solid three or four.”

A couple of his male crew members seemed to agree. But when a female producer speaks up and says it takes her 20 minutes when she washes her hair, he asks what she’s doing for all that time. She hilariously responds:

“What are you talking about? Your 3 minute shower is INSANE!”

This ridiculous stat is soon explained. It’s because he doesn’t wash his hair. He says:

“I use soap, I don’t wash my hair. I wash it about every two months, it’s a true story.”


And he’s so confident about it, too! Yowza. Watch the debate unfold (below)!

How often do YOU wash your hair, Perezcious readers??

[Image via CBS/Paramount/YouTube.]

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May 20, 2022 10:59am PDT