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Jeezy Claps Back HARD At Jeannie Mai's Claim That She Learned Of Their Divorce On The Internet!

Jeezy Says Jeannie Mai Is LYING About Divorce Discovery!

Is it really true that Jeannie Mai found out about her impending divorce from Jeezy on the internet?!

No, it’s isn’t!! Not according to insiders speaking on behalf of the rapper, at least! And with this new report, yet another twist and turn is initiated in this messy and sordid split. Oof!!

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On Monday afternoon, a source close to the estranged couple told TMZ Hip Hop that the idea of the host of The Real being blindsided with a public reveal of Jeezy’s intentions to divorce her is FALSE! Per that insider, there were already very clear signs that the duo was going to split long before Jeannie learned it was coming.

See, the source says the couple had long been engaged in marriage counseling (with multiple therapists, they note) prior to the point that Jeezy realized things were irretrievably f**ked up. The insider says that no matter which professional they spoke to, Jeezy kept walking away with the same answer: the relationship just wasn’t going to work out.

Thus, the insider says, Jeezy finds it very hard to believe that Jeannie couldn’t have seen things coming before he filed in September. So, it sounds like even if the actual date of filing could have caught Jeannie off guard, insiders are making it very clear that she should have seen it coming a mile away. That’s the claim, at least!

As for the exact reason behind the divorce, well, we’re still in the dark over that. There have been all kinds of cheating allegations flying around, but none of those have really stuck. And even in this new report on Monday, TMZ Hip Hop’s insiders acknowledge Jeezy hasn’t yet revealed an exact reason for splitting things off. They simply acknowledge that he felt something was really wrong by mid-September and pulled the plug.

What do U make of this divorce drama, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your thoughts on all of it down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN]

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Dec 05, 2023 07:34am PDT

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