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Jessica Biel Explains Why She & Justin Timberlake Moved Outta Los Angeles After THAT Messy Cheating Scandal!

Jessica Biel Explains Why She & Justin Timberlake Moved Away From LA After Cheating Scandal

Justin Timberlake started flirting around, and that was the last straw for Jessica Biel!

On Wednesday’s episode of Let’s Talk Off Camera With Kelly Ripa, Jessica opened up about why her family moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, Tennessee in 2021. Biel began by first blaming a lot of the decision on overzealous paparazzi focus on her family. She dished:

“I don’t really think they [paparazzi] necessarily respect that, you know, if we’re out and about with our kids. It can be somewhat country dependent where, if we’re in this country, in the States, it’s kind of like state by state, you know, you get hammered on the East Coast, you kind of get hammered on the West Coast. That’s why we don’t really live there anymore.”

But, like, the timing of it all can’t be ignored, either!

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Back in 2019, the *NSYNC alum was caught getting WAY too cozy with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright, sparking tons of cheating rumors. Flash forward a few years, and it seems like Jessica may have made this move a non-negotiable when working things out with her hubby (alongside a long list of requirements for this post-cheating era of their marriage). It can’t just be a coincidence, y’know!? If he hadn’t screwed things up, they wouldn’t have needed to be running from the paps as much! Just saying!

The 7th Heaven alum went on to share that the move has been great for her boys Silas, 9, and Phineas, 3, because the parents don’t want to “expose” them to public scrutiny. She explained:

“We try to engage [with the kids on social media] in a way that feels authentic, but also just not, you know, blasting them all over the place. And no disrespect to anybody who feels comfortable doing that. That’s just our family choice.”

It’s much easier to maintain some privacy and stay out of the headlines when paps aren’t lurking on every corner! Much less hot models with their eyes on the SexyBack crooner! LOLz!

BTW, JT grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and he’s often talked about wanting to move back to the area, so this move wasn’t totally out of left field. The couple also has a home at The Yellowstone Club, a members-only establishment near Big Sky, Montana. That gives them access to the only private mountain ski resort in the world. An insider told Us:

“They both prefer the country life. She wanted a place in the mountains too, so they have the place in Big Sky. That way they can have the best of all worlds.”

They’re really going out of their way to avoid big hubs full of temptation! But of course, with the pop star’s busy tour schedule, he’ll never be completely out of the spotlight — or away from new muses. But as Jessica found out the hard way, a cheating scandal can happen anywhere! Justin and Alisha were in New Orleans when they were caught red-handed. So, this move was really more about seeking privacy than anything else!

Let’s just hope the singer doesn’t fall for someone else again, tho, because we fear they won’t recover from another scandal! His wife’s already rocking “divorce hair,” after all. LMFAO! Reactions?!? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN & Jessica Biel/Instagram]

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