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Yes, Kanye West Is Still Running For President -- And Thinks Bianca Will Be 'Perfect First Lady'

Kanye West Running President 2024 Bianca Censori First Lady

The first presidential debate of the cycle is Wednesday night — featuring all the other Republicans who are wasting exorbitant amounts of money in hopes Donald Trump will be jailed or something before next summer. It’s obviously their only chance at getting the nomination since he’s taken over the party.

One candidate you won’t see up on that stage? Besides Trump, we mean. Kanye West. The former Donny fanboy decided to run for president himself in 2020, and yes, he’s going for it again.

Ye wasted an estimated $12.4 mil on his 2020 campaign — but didn’t even bother to get all his paperwork in order (he was said to be “walking” for president rather than “running”). There’s been plenty of controversy surrounding that campaign, including reports he was being urged on by GOP operatives as a spoiler candidate to help Trump siphon votes from Joe Biden AND some legally dubious financing issues that still haven’t been fully investigated.

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And yet… he’s going for it again. A source told The US Sun on Tuesday the Power rapper is “100 percent still running for president again.”

Where will he find the time? The insider explained how Dov Charney, the controversial founder of the basically defunct American Apparel brand, was helping with Yeezy — and Ye’s wife Bianca Censori was helping with basically everything else:

“He’s brought in Dov to help run Yeezy, and has given Bianca a lot of responsibility so he can focus on his 2024 presidential campaign.”

Yes, Bianca was apparently given power of attorney to handle some of Kanye’s financial responsibilities lately. She’s apparently his secret weapon:

“He feels Bianca would be the perfect First Lady; unorthodox, intelligent, and supportive of him.”

Honest question, has anyone ever heard Bianca speak? This feels like Jared Kushner all over again. All the jobs, and no one we know has ever heard her voice. Just sayin’.

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The source also credits peace with Kim Kardashian as a reason this time will be different.

“Despite not being very successful last time, he’s taken a break from being so public and he’s in a much better place after his divorce from Kim was finalized… His divorce from Kim shows that he is human and vulnerable but his success beyond anti-Semitic uproar is the perfect story of overcoming adversity.”

Wait… pulling himself up by his jackboot-straps after getting canceled for praising Nazis is supposed to be a feel good Cinderella story? WTF is this source talking about?!

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The insider said Kanye really does want to be president this time, and for a completely sane reason:

“Ye believes he’s the next president because God sent him to be a vessel to bridge freedom, equality, healthy living, and economic growth to all generations. He believes with Christ at the center, focusing on farming, technology, and sustainable living is the only way to save mankind.”

Yeah, we all know how much God loves the Nazis from that documentary, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The source claims Ye sincerely thinks he can win, but you know, all candidates say that, right?

“Unlike his last campaign, this one is structured and will be well-executed in the upcoming months. Ye has sold more shoes than the popular vote in American elections. He believes he can reach the necessary voters to secure the 2024 election.”

Well, OK then. Kanye in the mix. Hey, at least he hasn’t been indicted four times. Election 2024!

[Image via Piers Morgan/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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