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Kelly Dodd Confirms Daughter Jolie Has COVID-19, Despite Ex-Reality Star Thinking Pandemic 'Was Over'

Kelly Dodd revealed her daughter Jolie has come down with the coronavirus!

No, the COVID-19 pandemic is very much not over!

In fact, this is actually an important example of how it’s still possible to be diagnosed with the virus — even now, after vaccines have been available to the general public for months!

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On Sunday, former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd confirmed her 15-year-old daughter Jolie Dodd was officially diagnosed with the coronavirus. In a video posted on her Instagram Stories that day, the now-former reality TV star reflected on how her daughter was “feeling gross” as she attempted to eat a classic sick-day meal of soup and toasted bread.

Sitting with Jolie in the family’s kitchen, Kelly asked her on camera (below):

“My daughter has COVID. I thought it was over. She’s got COVID? How do you feel? You look so pretty… You do! I made you soup, bread. Drink a lot of water. You look great.”

Ironically, the girl’s birthday is also happening this week; as you can see (below), on Monday, Kelly returned to Instagram and showed off a birthday cake for the resting teenager:

Kelly Dodd revealed her daughter Jolie has come down with the coronavirus!
A coronavirus birthday?! Ugh. No fun! / (c) Kelly Dodd/Instagram

Definitely never a fun thing to get sick on your birthday — especially when it’s the terrifying coronavirus. Get well ASAP, Jolie!!!

This serves as an important reminder to all of us about how important vaccines are, though! If you’re vaccinated fully at this point, your chances of being diagnosed with the coronavirus are very small. In unvaccinated populations, however, a positive diagnosis is still very much a risk. The CDC has recommended shots for kids 12 and older, so hopefully Jolie was able to get hers and will be able to bounce back soon!

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Her mom, though, is sadly sorely mistaken about the coronavirus pandemic being “over,” too. According to the state of California’s own COVID tracker, there were 1,123 confirmed new cases in the Golden State this past Friday — the most recent date we have data for — along with four deaths. Granted, four deaths in the entire state is a HUGE improvement from where we were a few months ago, but it also underscores this important point: we are not through with the pandemic quite yet!

Of course, this is all somewhat darkly ironic considering Kelly’s own bad history with making inaccurate and damaging statements about COVID. As RHOC fans will no doubt recall, Dodd first faced backlash with an outlandish comment in April 2020 about how the virus was “God’s way of thinning the herd.” Um… WTF?!

Then, when apologizing for that awful statement, the reality TV villain had the gall to go completely the other way, alleging “nobody” was dying of the illness in Orange County. While also reflecting on being seen not wearing a mask at a restaurant outing that very same month, the embattled Bravo alum said:

“I was by no means minimizing deaths that have been caused by this virus and I feel for their loved ones. However, Orange County has 133 deaths out of three million people, much lower than most. I felt encouraged and excited that people were out and about and there was some [sense] of normalcy. And by the way, I was wearing a mask. [My mom] was not wearing the mask. And no patrons when we were eating were wearing masks. The servers were but you can’t eat with the mask on. So get your facts straight!”

Months after that ugly non-apology, in November of 2020, Kelly’s mom Bobbi Meza then spent time in the intensive care unit at an Orange County hospital after having been diagnosed with COVID-19 herself. Clearly, this s**t is WAY more serious than Kelly has long believed!

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On top of ALL that, it’s been a tough last few days for Kelly.

Bravo had just unceremoniously canned her as part of a shakeup on the Real Housewives of Orange County. She followed that bad news up with a very public feud with fellow-fired-former reality TV star Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Then, simultaneously, she also got into a nasty spat with a Shahs Of Sunset star that left Kelly looking not so great online…

And now, this.

It’s a lot!

Rest up and get well soon, Jolie!

[Image via Kelly Dodd/Instagram]

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