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Kevin Costner & Ex Accusing Each Other Of CHEATING Now?! Oh Damn!

Kevin Costner Denies Having ‘Extramarital’ Affairs – But ‘Does Not Know’ Whether The Same Can Be Said About Ex Christine!

Another day, another disturbing chapter in the Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner divorce drama…

Those keeping up with this saga know the former couple’s split has been getting nastier by the day. Ever since Christine filed for divorce in May, apparently blindsiding the Yellowstone star, the couple have been fighting over everything from real estate to child support. And now, it appears they’re going head-to-head over a more volatile matter: whether or not either CHEATED during their 18 years of marriage! Yeesh!

In a filing earlier this week, the 49-year-old accused Kevin of “stonewalling” the divorce process by “withholding” certain documents about his business dealings before their child support hearing next week and their prenuptial agreement trial in November. The pair are having a hearing later this year to determine the validity of the prenup since Christine is arguing she didn’t understand it when she signed it years ago. Yeah, we’re not joking here. She’s trying to beat the prenup!

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On top of her legal team requesting the receipts for the Dances With Wolves actor’s living expenses, savings accounts, retirement accounts, and more, she also demanded documents related to “any extramarital romantic relationships.” Whoa, what?!

Is she implying she thinks there were affairs? Or just crossing her t’s?

Either way, Kevin refuses to back down and is hitting back at the filing! According to court docs obtained by Us Weekly on Thursday, the 68-year-old Oscar winner insisted he wasn’t able to hand over any receipts “relating to extramarital romantic relationships.” Why? Simple — because there are none to submit! The court docs stated:

“Respondent has no responsive documents for ‘extramarital romantic relationships’ in which he engaged because he engaged in none.”

As for whether Christine “engaged” in an affair? Well, Kevin says he doesn’t know if he can say the same about the mom of three! His legal team added in the new filing that he “does not know for a fact if [Christine] engaged in any ‘extramarital romantic relationships’ before separation.” OUCH! And if Christine did cheat, it is also unknown “whether she spent any of his money or charged any expenses in furtherance of her affair(s) on credit cards he paid.” DOUBLE OUCH!

We keep thinking this can’t get nastier, and they keep proving us wrong…

Innerestingly enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard cheating allegations about Christine! Since the divorce news broke, there have been a lot of questions about why their breakup has became so messy and vicious. Despite early reports insisting infidelity hadn’t been the reason for the divorce, there were whispers about an affair a few months ago. The Sun previously reported that Kevin actually confronted a former tenant, Daniel Starr, about whether he was in a relationship with Christine! However, Starr shut down the affair accusations.

It may not have been with an ex-tenant — but could there be a chance she messed around with someone else behind Kevin’s back? The Field of Dreams star is clearly saying he doesn’t know for sure! So much for trust, right? But we bet he’s determined to find out now, especially since she’s battling with him over this matter!

His team then went on to bash Christine’s request, saying it’s “not relevant,” “propounded only for purposes of harassment,” and “overbroad as to time period and subject matter, burdensome, oppressive and impermissibly compound.” Damn. That actually seems like it might be protesting a little too much… Did she mention because she knows something? Hmm.

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