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Here’s Why Kristin Cavallari & Jeff Dye Have Put ‘No Labels’ On Their Relationship Just Yet!

Here’s Why Kristin Cavallari & Jeff Dye Have Put ‘No Labels’ On Their Relationship!

Despite all of the flirty social media messages and heavy PDA action, Kristin Cavallari and Jeff Dye‘s relationship may not be as serious as we previously thought.

A source revealed to Us Weekly on Friday that the twosome hasn’t put a label on their fling quite yet, explaining:

“She’s just hanging out with him. They’re enjoying each other’s company [and] having fun. That’s it. They’re really just getting to know one another and seeing where things go … If they do decide to one day become official, people will know for sure.”

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Will we, though?! Because we thought you were pretty “official” there, Ms. Cavallari — especially after both of you exchanged the L-word on Instagram Live! That’s a pretty heavy-weighted word to say to someone else you might be romantically involved with on a PUBLIC platform. But we digress.

That insider also added since the two live so far away from each other, it “makes it difficult” for them to actually pursue an “exclusive” relationship. In case you didn’t know, the 38-year-old comedian is based in Los Angeles, California, while the Uncommon James founder is in Nashville, Tennessee. For right now, though, the couple reportedly planned to keep things very casual.

“If she goes to L.A., she’ll meet up with him. But right now, there are no labels. They’re not exclusively dating and aren’t boyfriend [and] girlfriend.”

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old reality star seemingly hinted they were a committed couple, as she  appeared to send her new beau a subtle clue on her Instagram Story as to what she wanted for Valentine’s Day. In the promo post for her jewelry brand, she shared a template for a love letter, with some sections left blank for users to fill in themselves, that she later completed herself, writing:

“Dear J, You can skip the chocolate this year. I want tequila, a beach, and [the] Secret Rose candle at Uncommon James. PS. T minus 12 days. You’ve got this.”

And then she signed the note with her initials at the bottom. How sweet!

Despite her relationship with the Girl Code actor, with who she was first spotted locking lips in October 2020, many fans believed the “J” stood for her ex-husband, Jay Cutler. However, the funny guy took to his Insta Story shortly after to write back a V-Day note, quipping:

“Dear K, You can skip the distance this year. I want drinks, dancing, and you from Uncommon James. XOXO, Jeffy.”


It comes less than two weeks after Kristin and the former footballer shocked fans by posting the same photo together on the ‘gram, saying:

“This world is full of users. 10 Years. Can’t break that.”

Afterward, followers quickly started to speculate that the former couple, who announced their separation in April 2020, were getting back together. Unfortunately, a close source to the family revealed to Us that “there are no talks of Jay and Kristin getting back together” while they work on “co-parenting” their children, Camden, 8, Jaxon, 6, and Saylor, 4.

“Kristin and Jay have remained friends. They will always have each other’s back no matter what. Co-parenting has been going well — they are doing the best they can.”

Meanwhile, Kristin and Jeff have seemingly kept their relationship full steam ahead with a (completely irresponsible) vacay to Mexico back in December. Despite keeping their casual coupling, the pair have reportedly kept things hot and heavy.

“Kristin and Jeff’s relationship is super hot and fiery right now. They’re very into each other, and Jeff is so obsessed with her. [Jeff] thinks he’s so lucky to be spending time with her. He loves that she owns who she is and admires her success.”


What do U guys think about this news? Do U think they’ll ever make it “official” official? Or will they fade away like every other celeb couple? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Brian To/WENN & WENN]

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