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Kroy Biermann Hit With Lien From... Divorce Attorney?! Can He Not AFFORD To Leave Kim Zolciak?!

Kroy Biermann Hit With Lien From His Divorce Attorney Claiming Unpaid Legal Bills Amid Kim Zolciak Split!

Kroy Biermann has more money problems… and this time, he can’t exactly blame Kim Zolciak!

On Monday, Us Weekly and The Blast both obtained court docs indicating Kroy’s attorney Marlys A. Bergstrom is coming after him for unpaid legal bills! Per those outlets, Bergstrom’s firm Stearns, Montgomery & Proctor filed what’s called a Consent Attorney’s Lien against the former Atlanta Falcons star.

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In the court docs, the lien demands the law firm be able to go after “all recoverable property” belonging to Biermann “upon any judgments and degrees recoverable” related to his ongoing divorce. The filing is explicit in its reason, too. It states the law firm is coming after the ex-NFL baller for an “unpaid amount of fees and services” related to their work on his ongoing divorce. But here’s the strange thing… the lien amount is REALLY small. It’s only $801.01!

Don’t get us wrong, $801.01 can be a lot of money when you don’t have it. But for a high-powered law firm, that’s like two billable hours! If that. WTF?! The juice is running, though. Per the media reports, Biermann is on the hook for ongoing interest that will continue accruing at a rate of 1.5% per month for every month the money isn’t paid back. Again, that’s not a ton of money, but obviously, Bergstrom’s law firm wants their cut. Every bit of it! And the bill will only keep growing if they don’t get it!

The filing, which focuses on “all recoverable assets” linked to Biermann including “money and personal property,” concludes:

“No person shall be at liberty to satisfy any judgment or decree in this action until the lien of the Firm is satisfied.”

So, basically, they want him to dole out some dough ASAP!

Of course, Kroy has other pressing concerns with his (and Kim’s) precarious financial situation, too. For one, their Atlanta-area mansion has been in foreclosure limbo for a long time, and is currently for sale with a price tag north of $6 million. And that’s not all! Just last month, JP Morgan Chase Bank sued Kroy, claiming the NFL alum owes them more than $13,000 in unpaid credit card bills. Kim, too, has been sued — most notably by a debt collection company on a $156,000 pursuit after she allegedly stopped making payments on one of her credit cards.

The estranged couple has also been ordered to pay nearly $230,000 to Simmons Bank after receiving a final default order on a home equity line of credit they had previously taken out. Plus, per Us Weekly, the embattled duo is said to still owe the IRS more than $1.1 million in unpaid taxes. All that’s to say that this $801.01 lien is small potatoes compared to some of the big stuff. But still… always pay your lawyers! Every penny! They’re the ones you want to keep in your corner, after all!!

[Image via Steve TV Show/YouTube]

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Dec 05, 2023 12:27pm PDT