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Lance Bass Claims Britney Spears Bailed On Meeting His Kids: 'Very Strange'

Lance Bass Claims Britney Spears Bailed On Meeting His Kids: 'Very Strange'

Sounds like Lance Bass is a little bitter after Britney Spears flaked on him and his family!

In a new conversation on his iHeartRadio podcast Frosted Tips out on Monday, the *NSYNC alum was interviewing music manager Johnny Wright when they got to talking about Brit. As it turns out, the once-friendly pop stars were supposed to get together recently — but then he got ghosted! Lance revealed:

“She has reached out through her people, wanting to meet the kids and all that.”

The singer became a father in October 2021 when he and his husband, Michael Turchin, welcomed twins Alexander and Violet via surrogate. Sadly, they haven’t gotten to meet the Princess of Pop yet…

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Unfortunately, as Lance heard it, the invite never went anywhere because Britney’s handlers put a “stop” to the meeting. WHA?? Describing what it’s like to communicate with the Circus singer, he said:

“You have to talk through people. It’s very strange.”

Hmm. We wonder why she reached out and then didn’t want to get together?! Did she just second-guess the reunion… or is someone keeping her away from him? Is it because he’s so open on social media and with his podcast and everything? Are they afraid of what he’ll say??

If you didn’t know, the two were actually really close friends as they grew up dominating the music scene together in the ’90s. Obviously the Baby One More Time performer famously dated Lance’s bandmate Justin Timberlake for a time! But as the 41-year-old was fighting to get her conservatorship terminated in 2021, Lance revealed the former friends had “been kept away from each other for quite a while” and that they hadn’t seen or spoken to each other “in years.” So sad!

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Months later when the legal arrangement was done for good, the boy bander admitted things hadn’t improved, telling Page Six he hadn’t reconnected with the Crossroads alum yet. So we imagine he must’ve been thrilled when she finally reached out and wanted to get together! It’s such a bummer nothing ever happened!

Lance went on to say he has no clue how the Gimme More singer is really doing, but he does hope the rumors about her never performing again aren’t true. The 44-year-old continued:

“I don’t know what to believe because I don’t know how she is. I mean, maybe she is completely over performing, but I just know how much she loves it, and I know she’s a competitive person also, so I can’t imagine her never performing again.”

In May, a source told Page Six the Grammy winner “has trauma from touring,” particularly after she reached her “breaking point” when her team decided to book her for an international tour right after her 2018 Las Vegas residency ended. The confidant explained:

“She desperately needed a break after four years in Vegas and didn’t get one. And then they had the nerve to book a second Vegas residency right after.”

Her second residency never happened because her father and conservator at the time, Jamie Spears, checked her into a mental health facility weeks before its scheduled date. Since getting out of the conservatorship, Britney has been prioritizing herself and her own happiness, including getting married to Sam Asghari and penning an upcoming memoir — which is said to be devastating, especially to other celebs. (Though probably not Lance, who pretty much everyone agrees is a really nice guy.)

But of course Britney also been dealing with an estrangement from her own sons, so maybe a meet-and-greet with Lance’s kiddos was too painful to face at the moment?! What do U think!?

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