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Lil Nas X HILARIOUSLY Trolls People Freaking Out Over His Joke Pregnancy Photos!

Lil Nas X Pregnant Photos Trolling

Say what you will about Lil Nas X, but he sure knows how to get attention online — and how to get a rise out of uptight people!

The 22-year-old surprised the world on Thursday afternoon with an announcement revealing the upcoming release of his debut album. Titled MONTERO, the album will be available for purchase and download on September 17 — just two weeks away!

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But it’s not the album itself that has people talking; it’s how the Georgia-born artist dropped the news!

Taking to his Instagram account to release the info about the upcoming music, Lil Nas X opted to show off his “pregnancy” complete with a prosthetic belly, and gave the impression he was about to “give birth” to the new music! He even did People exclusive baby bump photos! OMG!

Ch-ch-check out the vibe (below), which even included an ultrasound image of the upcoming album’s cover art to really bring home the whole pregnancy play:


If women can have a bundle of joy when giving birth and all that, why can’t Lil Nas X look at his new album like his own bundle of joy?! It’s so perfectly over the top and absolutely on brand for the talented performer who doubles as a master troll perfecting his skills at infuriating those around the world who are wound WAY too tightly!

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Hey, speaking of that, he kept the trolling going on Friday morning, as you can see with this wonderfully funny and on-point continuation of Thursday’s announcement:

Love it!

The uptight haters were very much not feeling it, though — and they popped out of the woodwork (as they always seem to do) to let the rapper know about it.

After one hater on Twitter claimed they were “tired” of the performer and called him an “ugly ass,” the star stepped in with a HIGHlarious troll job asking them not to hate on “a young mother to be” (below):


When former Chappelle’s Show star Donnell Rawlings complained about Lil Nas X’s effect on the minds of children, openly wondering “how do I explain this s**t to my son,” the rapper replied in a quote tweet by outlining the hilarity of the entire situation (below):

“n***a said ‘how do i explain this to my son’ I’m screaming”

So crazy!

And when another tweeter called out Lil Nas X’s supposed negative influence on the black community, he sarcastically responded:

“oh yes a pregnant n***a, the greatest threat to black civil rights.”

Still other moments caught the performer off guard with their craziness, as you can see (below):

WTF?! His answer is wonderful, though!!!

Honestly, his whole day unfolded more or less like this:


After too many trolling tweets from too many squares and losers, though, the talented you Old Town Road artist finally decided he’d do better getting offline than simply responding (hilariously) to critics:


Of course he didn’t jump offline thankfully — he was too busy retweeting the most hilarious responses to these overreactions:

Even Maury Povich joined in on the fun:

Truly, the man is in a league of his own when it comes to trolling the trolls!

What say U, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF down (below) with your thoughts on Lil Nas X’s new album and social media wizardry!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Lil Nas X/Twitter]

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