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Lily Allen Says She's Ready To Have Kids With New Husband David Harbour! Awww!

Lily Allen and David Harbour are already getting serious about having children!

Sounds like Lily Allen is already ready to take the next step with new husband David Harbour, even though the pair has only been wed now for about a month!

The 35-year-old star sat down for a brand new interview that was published this weekend by The Sunday Times, and in it, she opens up quite a bit about her big, blended family — and her apparent desire to add to it, like, right now!

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Speaking about her hunky husband, who the star wed in a ceremony last month in Las Vegas, Allen didn’t exactly hold back about the family planning aspect of the whole thing. Already a mom to daughters Marnie Rose, 7, and Ethel Mary, 9, the British singer answered in the affirmative when it came time to respond to whether she’d want kids with Harbour, too:

“I think so. Especially now Marnie’s getting so big. It’s like, ‘No, my babies!’ I do [miss having little kids run around]. I miss little terrors running around the house.”

Awww! Haha!

Even though kids are definitely on the radar for the Smile singer and her talented Stranger Things beau, however, it sounds like they will wait at least a couple years before getting pregnant again. Allen ultimately admitted:

“I’m in a really good place. I don’t know if I’d mess with my hormones, at this particular point.”

Fair enough!

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Elsewhere in the interview, Allen opened up about her first date back in 2019 with her 45-year-old now-husband — and it sounded like it was a very cute (and memorable) experience!

The singer recalled:

“We went to the Wolseley — I’m so posh! — and there’s this middle table in the middle section that’s underneath a [massive, restaurant-defining] clock, and I remember looking at him, and it reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, you know? When she’s going to meet him under the clock. And, by the way, it was my first date ever. I had never been on a date! I was so anxious. He was, like, ‘Have you been here before?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I love this place, my kids love the pancakes here,’ and he was, like, ‘Oh, you have kids?’ He just didn’t want me to think he’d been googling me. So he lied. I was, like, ‘F**k you!'”

LOLz! Sounds like a good time was had by all, then!

And the rest, of course, is history as these two quickly swept each other off their proverbial feet and bounced down the aisle quickly enough into happily ever after.

And soon… children! Well, pretty soon, anyways!

Love it!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN]

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