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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Have Been Fighting Behind The Scenes For A LONG Time!

megan fox brian austin green have been fighting for a long time

We thought things were just starting to heat up in the Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green split — but apparently, this is actually the boiling point!

We were surprised when Megan publicly called out her ex over a Halloween Instagram that included their son Journey. Things had seemed pretty amicable up until then, with sources saying the 90210 alum was cool with her new beau Machine Gun Kelly and even stating that he “[wishes] Megan the absolute best in everything.”

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As it turns out, behind the scenes was a totally different story. A source told People on Monday:

“They are struggling to get along and have been for a while.”


They went on:

“It’s a tough situation. As a dad, Brian is great. He is wonderful with the boys. The issue is that he is bitter that Megan moved on so quickly with Machine Gun Kelly. It’s been very hard for him. His behavior can be pretty immature when it comes to Megan though.”

Yeah, remember when he made fun of Meg’s post about MGK by copying her “Achingly beautiful boy, my heart is yours” caption over photos of their kids? It was hilarious, sure, but not exactly role model behavior for a father. And it was pretty gracious of the actress not to drag him for that, considering what we’re hearing about his actual daddy time!

The insider concluded:

“He knows how to get Megan upset. In the past, he was advised to chill out and just focus on doing the right thing for the boys.”

Even the Transformers star acknowledged BAG’s clear love for his kids — but said it was tainted by his “feeding the pervasive narrative that I’m an absent mother, and you are the perennial, eternally dedicated dad of the year.”

Though the actor quickly deleted the pic and re-uploaded, it was too late to avoid the pile on from his exes. Vanessa Marcil, his son Kassius’s mother, expressed her support of Megan, as did one of his more curious flings — Courtney Stodden. She posted to her IG:

“There were times Brian would tell me that he couldn’t see me because he had his kids – and I later found out that this wasn’t true, he was actually just seeing other women at those times. Like, dude – you’re allowed to see other people, just be honest about it. To me and to them. And don’t use your kids as your lie.”


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She added that after she had called him out, he began “posting loads of pictures of his kids, acting like this doting single dad.” She wrote:

“It was clearly an attempt to protect his image, using them. How could all of us women who he’d tried to play be mad at such a loving father? He soon lost interest in ‘working’ with me on music (when he never actually did) when he realized I wasn’t giving it up. The whole experience was a bit gross. Women and children are not props. How long until men realize this? #brianaustingreen #meganfox #truth”

WOW. Things are pretty serious when all your exes call you out at the same time. Brian is usually pretty vocal about responding to his haters, so we suspect this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the issue…

[Image via Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox/Instagram]

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