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Meghan Markle 'Not Taking Care of Herself' Amid 'Scary' Weight Loss -- Leaving Prince Harry Concerned?!

Meghan Markle ‘Not Taking Care of Herself’ Amid Weight Loss -- Leaving Prince Harry Concerned?!

Sources close to Meghan Markle are concerned for her well-being.

Several insiders spoke to In Touch on Wednesday to express worries about the Duchess of Sussex after she reportedly lost 20 pounds in the last year, an estimate from nutrition expert Dr. Fred Pescatore (who doesn’t treat her), who guesses she weighs about 100 pounds now. Wow, seriously?!? Addressing the concerns, another source told the outlet:

“Something’s seriously wrong. She’s obviously not taking care of herself and is looking scary skinny.”

Hmm… Can they really be that concerned for her if they’re spilling to a magazine?

Those close to the Suits alum are blaming the weight loss on her busy schedule, money challenges, and the public scrutiny she is constantly under, the insider added:

“Meghan is cracking under all the pressure, and it shows.”

Psychotherapist Stacey Kaise, who hasn’t treated the mother of two, noted that weight loss is often a determining factor when evaluating someone’s mental health, sharing:

“From a psychological standpoint, one of the first things we assess during an evaluation is if someone has lost or gained weight. Someone who is stressed, depressed, exhausted or under a lot of social pressure can drastically lose weight.”

Restricting food, per other experts, can be a way for someone to attempt to regain a sense of control over their emotions.

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Sure, but is that what’s really happening? Or are people just projecting worst case scenarios onto her?

The source suggests Meghan has many areas of her life that could be contributing to this stress — and thus her dramatic weight loss. Speaking about the family’s financial struggles, the confidant elaborated:

“Money is definitely an issue, and their bills are piling up. Meghan feels like she’s constantly having to hustle to afford her and Harry’s lifestyle.”

While they lost their massive Spotify deal earlier this year, she’s said to be in the works of a big “Hollywood reinvention” that would likely bring in a ton of cash. Of course, the 42-year-old’s having to do this after exiting the royal family amid an ongoing feud, which isn’t helping:

“For one, she was blamed for Harry’s estrangement from his family. Even though he has repeatedly said it was his idea to leave, people still think she’s controlling him.”

The Archetypes host is also “struggling to balance her time with [Archie and Lilibet]” since “she has a lot on her plate.” Tough!

Meghan has been a vocal advocate for mental health, even appearing at a panel earlier this month! In the past, she opened up about experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts while pregnant with her firstborn, and now her loved ones fear she could be relapsing into another depression. Harry has even started to notice — and it freaks him out, especially since his mother Princess Diana struggled with bulimia. The insider revealed:

“He sees she isn’t herself, and that it’s affecting her health. He’s made it clear that he fears his wife will suffer in the same way his mother did, and his experiences have made him hyper aware of mental health red flags.”

Because of the Archewell co-founder’s rumored struggles, the Duke of Sussex is reportedly thinking of moving them out of California! Believing the time in El Lay has taken away their focus from philanthropic work, the source noted:

“He’s concerned that LA isn’t the best environment for her right now. […] He thinks New York might be a better fit for them. He misses the hustle and bustle of a big city, and it’s closer to London. He just wants his wife to be happy and healthy.”

Meghan and Harry left England to get a fresh start in part because of her aforementioned mental health struggles years ago, would they really leave another home?! Maybe! It goes against everything we’ve heard about their current plans to relocate in Cali, but if she’s truly in need of help, we’re sure Prince Haz would do everything he could to help her. Obviously, though, because none of this is coming from her actual doctors, all of this should all taken with a grain of salt!

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