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UK Nurse Charged With Murder Of Multiple Newborns Now Blames... 'Raw Sewage'??

UK Nurse Charged With 22 Counts Of Murder & Attempted Murder Of Newborns Says ‘Raw Sewage’ Is To Blame

A British nurse accused of killing seven newborns — and attempting to kill more — says “raw sewage” is to blame for the mysterious deaths.

Way back in 2020, we first reported on UK nurse Lucy Letby, who was arrested after an investigation into infant deaths at the Countess of Chester Hospital just outside of Liverpool, England. She worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the medical center between 2015 and 2016, where, according to a The Sun, five infant males and two infant females were all victims of Letby’s alleged crimes. She was also accused of attempting to kill 10 more babies, including “Child G,” who she allegedly tried to force-feed a “massive” amount of milk to while another neonatal nurse was on an hour-long break, according to the Hereford Times.

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The Sun also noted in their report that Letby’s arrest in connection with the investigation was her THIRD, with the two prior being in 2018 and 2019. She was bailed out in both instances. Altogether, she’s facing 22 murder and attempted murder charges… to which she’s pleaded not guilty.

According to a Wednesday report via The Guardian, Lucy, whose trial began in October, has now cited raw sewage as a “contributing factor” in the overwhelming amount of tragic infant deaths at the UK hospital. She alleged that the intensive care room for babies was “not a safe working environment,” explaining:

“We used to have raw sewage coming out of the sinks [and] coming out on the floor in nursery one.”


While being questioned about one specific infant’s 2015 death, the 33-year-old said it was important “to know there were often plumbing issues” in the hospital. She added:

“It’s a contributory issue if the unit is dirty and staff were unable to wash their hands.”

You may be wondering why she wouldn’t have said anything to hospital staff during that time to assure a clean area for the newborns. But the accused nurse claimed plumbers were often called to the nursery where the most vulnerable newborns were cared for, to clear “backflow.” She testified:

“That’s not a safe working environment. I’m not sure what impact that could have on a poorly baby.”

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She vehemently denied all accusations in front of some of the parents of the deceased babies, claiming earlier this month:

“I only ever did my best to care for them. That’s completely against everything that being a nurse is. I am there to care, not to harm.”

Last month it was revealed she’d told police it was simply “bad luck” that she was present for all the deaths. She also said she had been concerned about the “spike” in neonatal deaths — but never brought it up to her supervisors. It was also revealed she searched the children’s parents online in the days before and after the babies’ deaths. As noted, Letby’s co-workers have testified they saw other suspicious and inexplicable behavior. She was also questioned earlier this month about a note she wrote saying:

“I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough to care for them and I’m a horrible evil person.”

She said it was just how she’d felt guilty at the time, explaining:

“I felt at the time that if I’d done something wrong I must be such an evil, awful person. I’d somehow been incompetent and had done something wrong which had affected those babies. I felt I must be responsible in some way. I think looking back on it now, I was really struggling, and this was a way of me expressing what I wasn’t able to say to anyone else.”

There is so much to this absolutely tragic case. We just feel so heartbroken for all the affected families as it continues…

What are YOUR thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Nurse Lucy Letby/Facebook & 5 News/YouTube]

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