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Did Pete Davidson Just Subtly Shade Kanye West With This Video??

Did Pete Davidson Just Subtly Shade Kanye West With An Infamous Old Video??

Pete Davidson just said it all without saying a word!

In fact, the 28-year-old comedian is letting Robert De Niro do all the talking for him with this one! Wait… what?!?!

The King of Staten Island star recently rejoined Instagram after a four-year absence, as we’ve been reporting. And Ye didn’t waste any time following the Saturday Night Live star’s new account in the days after Pete made things official on the social media app.

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In the days since then, Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend has yet to post anything to the popular Meta-owned site. But that has all changed now! Well, sort of!

Rather than publishing an actual post on his account — which boasts nearly 2 million followers as of Tuesday afternoon — Pete made a stealth edit to his profile, adding a link to a YouTube video into his bio.

The link is a classic, too! It’s a 10-second clip of De Niro’s character Rupert Pupkin from the 1983 Martin Scorsese film The King of Comedy. In the clip, De Niro delivers a line that has fans wondering whether the message is a subtle dig at Kim’s estranged husband:

“But look, I figure it this way: better to be king for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime.”


Here’s the clip Pete posted in his IG bio (below):

Well, isn’t that inneresting!

FWIW, The King of Comedy follows De Niro’s character, a standup comedian who has mental health issues and longs to appear on a late night talk show. Ultimately, Pupkin kidnaps and holds hostage the show’s host (played by Jerry Lewis) in order to achieve his dream of performing. This “king for a night” line is the climactic moment of Pupkin’s ill-gotten standup set, and the most famous line from the film. So, uhhh, it’s kind of dark, to say the least!

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Almost immediately after Pete added the link to his bio, fans interpreted the clip to be a direct (and subtle!) shot at the 44-year-old rapper. Taking to the YouTube vid’s comments section in droves, fans didn’t hold back their reactions to this apparent development in the ongoing Pete-Kanye feud (below):

“Damn, Pete firing sneaky shots”

“Ye’s playing Checkers. Pete’s playing Chess.”

“Jokes aside, Pete is handling this with class. Ye keeps punching himself.”

“Pete coming in with hella shade and I am here for it. Slay King”

“Damnnnnnn, shots fired! Nice job being super classy about this, Pete. Kanye is a fool.”

“I hope it works out for Pete and Kim. Pete, you are the best!”

“I’ll always love Kanye but he definitely is handling this poorly and Pete is being a real man about it.”

“Their [sic] both handling it like children. Getting your frustrations out on social media instead of healthy things is childish.”

“Pete Davidson, you are the light in this situation. Keep shining!”

So many takes!

What about y’all, Perezcious readers — do YOU think Pete is throwing shade at Kanye with this new IG bio link?! Or is Pete, a comedian, simply shouting out a famous scene from a well-known old movie set in the land of standup comedy??

Whether the Meet Cute star is or isn’t doing that, one thing is for certain: Ye’s responses directed at Pete have never been this subtle.

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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