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King Charles FINALLY Evicting Prince Andrew After Jeffrey Epstein Docs?!

Prince Andrew Evicted King Charles After Jeffrey Epstein Docs

Is Prince Andrew going to face any real consequences for his alleged participation in Jeffrey Epstein‘s underage sex trafficking ring? Well, probably not legal consequences, as there has not been a new investigation launched, even with the new allegations from the document dump.

If you haven’t seen, the recent unsealing of a pile of unredacted legal documents related to Epstein includes the allegations by another victim — in addition to the previously known Virginia Giuffre. This one, known as Jane Doe #3, says she too was forced by Epstein to have sex with Andrew when she was still underage, multiple times. She even says one of those occasions was an orgy of multiple underage girls that took place on “Pedophile Island.”

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It’s far worse an allegation than we’ve heard about anyone else, and yet… there Andrew sits, being idly rich in a f**king palatial estate.

Prince Andrew Virginia Roberts scandal

Well, maybe his home, at the very least, could be taken from him. Royal sources told in the wake of the new allegations that the publication of these allegations has served to “crystallise” King Charles’s determination to once and for all deal with the “Andrew problem.” That sounds scarier than it is. Andrew was already removed from Royal life, as a source noted:

“When it comes to any public role for his brother, there is no way back. There has always been an agreement that Andrew would be permitted to attend private and family events, as is his right. But not public or official ones. That has not changed.”

But he has still gotten to stay in the Royal Lodge, a 10-bedroom home in Windsor. The historic mansion, part of the Crown Estate, was leased to Andrew back in 2003. That was meant to last 75 years, but sources now say King Charles III is looking to send his brother packing over five decades early!

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Andrew is still family, so he’ll still get a home — just the slightly less impressive Frogmore Cottage. You know, the one where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lived until they Megxited. Per the sources, Charles had been trying to nudge his little brother to move to Frogmore, but he’s resisted so far. However, with this new ammo, the King is done. He’s ready to forcibly evict Andrew from the more prestigious grounds and into the haunted manse. (Yeah, Frogmore is apparently haunted, it’s a thing.)

The insider explained Charles’ hand has been forced by the latest:

“When it comes to family, it is difficult. But this association is just never going to go away. And that means he [Andrew] has to.”

Whether this is true, and how hard Charles will push? We’ll just have to wait and see. For now we have no word from the Palace on consequences for Andrew. Katie Nicholl passed along to ET on Thursday:

“We’ve reached out to the Palace for comment today [Jan. 4, 2024], and their line is a simple one — and it is the same one as it has been for some years now, which is that Prince Andrew is now no longer a working member of the royal family. Therefore, it is not Buckingham Palace’s responsibility to comment on his behalf.”

All we have to go on is whispers from within the palace walls. But it’s certainly understandable Charles would want Andrew — and all his problems — to disappear. What do YOU think he’ll do??

[Image via BBC/MEGA/WENN/New York Sex Offender Registry.]

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