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Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Ex Ryan Anderson DENIES Physically Threatening Or Controlling Her During Their Marriage! 

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Ex Ryan Anderson DENIES Ever Threatening Or Controlling Her!

Ryan Anderson finally spoke out about the fight that led to Gypsy Rose Blanchard leaving him for good!

As Perezcious readers know, she ended things with her husband of two years in March, just three months after her release from prison. Her friend Nadiya Vizier previously claimed their marriage fell apart when she’d gotten into a massive fight with Ryan. Their argument allegedly made her so scared that she locked herself in the bathroom for her own safety! While he didn’t hurt her during the argument, the pal alleged he “got in her face and screamed.” Nadiya didn’t reveal the reason for their confrontation, though she accused Ryan of being very controlling and insecure. We later found out they fought over his alleged food-hoarding habits. Ultimately, their fight was so bad that Gypsy divorced him!

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For his part, he has repeatedly blamed her ex-fiancé Ken Urker for Gypsy breaking up with him. He’s never addressed the alleged argument between them — until now! In an interview with Extra on Wednesday, Ryan shared that he hasn’t seen his estranged wife since they had “a disagreement” and she left him. When asked why they fought, Ryan refused to answer, only saying it was over “random stuff” and “nothing major.” Hmm. Of course, he was questioned if Ken was the reason for their issues that day. To which he said:


That’s it? Nothing else? Innerestingly enough, he then did take a moment to defend Gypsy when it came to her new beau. As you know, the timing of her reconciliation with Ken has made everyone — including us — wonder if she left Ryan for her ex due to how fast the pair got together post-split. Many even questioned if she was still talking to him while married to the teacher! Gypsy shut down the rumors. Now, Ryan denied that she kept up a relationship with Ken during their marriage:

“It wasn’t like people think. There were other things that happened. It was another influence that kept pushing Ken on her… thought somebody had our back and was wanting us to fail.”

Umm… Who is this person he speaks of? Was it someone in her family? Ryan didn’t offer up any further explanation. When it comes to their disagreement, he went on to also deny Gypsy’s pal’s claims that he was ever physically threatening or aggressive toward his wife. However, he did get “angry” and “upset” at Gypsy when she allegedly said a few “hurtful things” to him that night. Ryan explained:

“I’ve never physically threatened Gypsy at all, and she knows that. She’s even said that. She’s not afraid of me, and there’s no reason to be. Gypsy said some hurtful things and I did get angry. I got upset. It’s hard to hear stuff when you’re going through something and she tells you something. It’s hard to hear. As far as me in her face screaming, if that’s what she gathered from that, I hate that.”

Ryan did own up to hitting a “trauma trigger” the night of their fight, causing her to leave him:

“It didn’t happen quite like the friend said. It’s just a disagreement and it snowballed from there. Gypsy does struggle with PTSD from what her mother did, and I hit a trauma trigger that night and she fled. It was one of those where I saw it, it happened and I immediately stopped and tried to check on her, and by then it was like that fight or flight PTSD moment happened.”

Wow. Soo… we’re still wondering… was their argument really over “random stuff” like Ryan said? Was it over food hoarding???

Unfortunately, it sounds like we won’t get a lot of details from Ryan. As for whether he controlled her, Ryan slammed the accusation, calling it “ludicrous,” saying:

“I disagree with that completely. If anybody knows Gypsy, they know that she is not going to be controlled. Anybody who knows Gypsy knows that she does what she wants, when she wants. Just look at what she’s been doing.”

Obviously he means with her moving on with Ken so quickly.

Despite his denial, he did mention one incident in which he was “controlling!” He recalled a moment in February when he wouldn’t let Gypsy go swimming because they were both ill — and the the pool was closed:

“It was February when she wanted to go swimming. That’s in the middle of the winter, the pool was closed… That was the only thing I ever told her no to, and the reason was we were both sick and she’d have gotten pneumonia if she went swimming. But that’s the one thing that they latch onto that I was controlling about.”

We wonder if Gypsy would really say the same… Her friend sure seemed to think he was controlling and scary at times! Watch the interview (below):

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know!

[Image via ABC News/extratv/YouTube]

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