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Sofia Richie 'Is Not Surprised' Scott Disick Blabbed About Their Breakup On KUWTK!

Sofia Richie calls out Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian for her lack of privacy on KUWTK following their breakup!

It sounds like Sofia Richie kind of expected this to happen all along!

The social media influencer apparently isn’t exactly happy right now after Scott Disick blabbed about her alleged breakup-inducing “ultimatum” requiring him to pick either her or Kourtney Kardashian. But Lionel Richie‘s daughter isn’t shocked Scott shared it with the world after it happened, either. So it goes when you date in the reality TV world, apparently…

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As you guys will no doubt recall, we reported late last week about Sofia’s alleged ultimatum to Scott — pick her or Kourt, once and for all — and Scott’s decision to stick with the co-parenting relationship and his three children. That played out in no small part on the premiere episode of the final season of KUWTK last Thursday night, with plenty of reaction coming in on Friday.

Now, Sofia is reacting, too.

According to a source close to the model and social media influencer, it sounds as though she’s disappointed things have come to this between her and the Flip It Like Disick star. The insider said (below):

“Sofia and Scott had to navigate many issues together throughout their relationship. It was no secret they had their ups and downs when it came to Kourtney. Once Kourtney and Scott became closer and were spending more time together with the kids, Sofia had a huge issue with it. She thought she was losing him to Kourtney and was jealous at times.”


And there’s more pointed stuff, too.

The insider also added (below):

“Sofia is not surprised that Scott shared their relationship issues with the Kardashian family and publicly on the show. She wished it stayed private but knew it would happen when they split. Sofia has moved on and put the drama behind her. At this point, there is no chance they will ever get back together.”

Not surprised at all there.

Sofia has every right to be angry at Scott for putting her on blast on national TV like that. Of course, to be fair, Scott has every right to call her out for delivering that ultimatum in the first place, regardless of the context. This little drama can clearly work both ways.

Again, like we said, this must just be par for the course when you date reality TV personalities and all that.

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What do U make of it, Perezcious readers?! Is Sofia in the right here to be angry — and should Scott not have blabbed about it on national TV? Or was Sofia right to expect that a public pronouncement would happen, for better or worse?

Sound OFF with your take about this Kardashian-related kontroversy down in the komments (below)!

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