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Sophie Turner Asks Judge To Decide Custody Of Children After FAILED Mediation With Ex Joe Jonas!

Uh-Oh! Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas' Divorce Proceedings Just Hit A MAJOR Snag!

Things were seemingly moving along so well. What happened?!

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were lumbering along towards a settlement in their divorce for a while there. And then SPLAT! Now, the Game Of Thrones star wants a judge to step in and end it after the duo has hit a snag! Uh-oh!

Per TMZ on Tuesday, Sophie just filed new docs with the court demanding a judge “reactivate” their divorce proceedings and put a proverbial foot down. As you may recall, the duo had been working on their own towards a settlement. They went to mediation and were supposedly moving forward on the division of property and, specifically, child custody. But now that’s all out the window?!

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According to that outlet, Sophie’s new court docs indicate that mediation talks have apparently broken down. So, with both parties far away from reaching a child custody and co-parenting agreement on their own, she wants a judge to do it for them! Specifically, Sophie is asking for a judge to take the case on in court directly and impose a settlement from the bench that she and the Jonas Brothers singer will have to abide by.

One of the big benefits of going to mediation in situations like this is that settlement terms are kept private. That won’t happen in court, though! All their filings, all their familial disputes, all their financial arrangements — all that stuff will now be public. So, from a PR perspective, this is not ideal. But from an “ending the marriage once and for all” perspective, well, maybe this will give them the push they need. Sounds like that is what Sophie is hoping for, at least.

FWIW, TMZ reports that they did have a prenuptial agreement, so the problems of splitting money and property should be pretty cut and dry. It’s child custody that’s the big issue. As you may recall, Sophie very badly wanted to take daughters Willa and Delphine back to live in the U.K., and Joe seriously balked at that. It was so bad that at one point, Turner invoked a child abduction law in legal docs over custody. She eventually dropped that claim, but the enmity has evidently remained. Yikes!!

Romantically, both parties have long since moved on. Joe has been cavorting around with model Stormi Bree, while Sophie is doing her thing with Peregrine Pearson. But custody-wise, well, it seems like it’s all uphill from here. Will they be able to turn a tenuous temporary custody agreement into a permanent one? Mediation clearly didn’t work. Court date, here they come??

[Image via Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN]

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