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Blac Chyna's Mom Tokyo Toni Gets WAY NSFW With 6-Year-Old Dream Kardashian Nearby! OMG...

Tokyo Toni Yells WHAT At Alexa With 6-Year-Old Granddaughter Dream Kardashian Nearby?! OMG...

Tokyo Toni went OFF on Amazon‘s Alexa home assistance device in a new TikTok video posted late on Sunday.

And while that normally wouldn’t be an issue (who among us hasn’t had a little fun or gotten a touch annoyed with Alexa from time to time?!), the 51-year-old grandmother stirred up controversy because her NSFW, expletive-laden rant occurred in front of her 6-year-old granddaughter Dream Kardashian!

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Blac Chyna‘s always-controversial momma took to the social media app in a new two-and-a-half minute video posted on Sunday evening. And already, it has us raising an eyebrow.

In the video, Toni can be seen holding and watching over her granddaughter, who Chyna shares with ex Rob Kardashian. At one point in the video, Dream can be seen and heard walking around the room while Toni yells gets in a verbal battle with the AI assistance device.

With Dream still somewhere close by but outside the frame of the shot, Toni screams:

“Alexa, get the f**k on! I’m telling you, bitch, you better move on!”


“Alexa, I’m going to punch you in your f**king jaw. Get out of here. Scram.”

Ha! Things got really shocking later in the clip when Alexa tells Toni the robot voice enjoys “curling up in bed with a good book and a warm coffee.” Uh, OK.

With Dream apparently somewhere nearby (?!?!), Chyna’s momma replies:

“Yeah, and a nice hot dildo and a bucket of c*m.”


This is around a 6-year-old!! Dream was not visible in the clip when Toni dropped that line on Alexa, FWIW. But the little girl had been running around the room at various other points in the video, too. So who knows where she was when Tokyo Toni started getting X-rated with it?!

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Hilariously, Dream seemed to be the one best able to eventually smooth over Toni’s tech woes.

Late in the clip, the young girl can be heard teaching her grandma how to use the AI assistant. Dream counsels Toni with a very simple statement when the embattled older woman can’t get the device to shut down, stating:

“It doesn’t work like that.”

And then Dream flawlessly orders the device to do as she wants:

“Stop playing that.”

And that was that! Ch-ch-check it all out for yourself (below):


tokyotoni blacchynamom fyp blacchyna kardashians kkw privatejet alexa amazonalexa funny khloekardashian

♬ original sound – Miss toni

Um… Wow. Just wow!! The language is seriously throwing us, NGL!

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Interestingly, fans down in the TikTok comments didn’t seem to care at all. Like, not even a little bit. As you can see (below), the vast majority thought Toni’s technology problems were more humorous than concerning — even with all the strong language she used around such a young kid:

“i cant even imagine having both tokyo toni and kris jenner as your grandmas”

“Dream got the best of both worlds !!! Compton & Calabasas”

“Punching Alexa in the jaw is sooo wild”

“dream gonna know how to stand up for herself for sure”

“Not Alexa low key arguing back”

“why is alexa talking so much tho”

“This why kris don’t want Dream around her”

“Who Just Sit & Argue With A Speaker”

“Dream is going to have so much balance In life”

“‘i cannot tolerate that language’ omg alexa was going at it”

“She just be arguing with anything that talk”

“Dream is so cute. ‘It doesn’t work like that…'”


FWIW, as of Monday afternoon, neither Chyna nor any of the KarJenner fam have publicly reacted to the video. We can’t help but be concerned whether this will kickstart a new feud between mother and daughter

Regardless, is it just us, or was Toni a little too salty with her language… um, so to speak… If Dream was nearby for the most salacious parts — and we sort of have to assume she might have been, considering she was there for all the rest — maybe Toni should have toned it down a bit! Right???

Sound OFF with your take about it all down in the comments (below)…

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Tokyo Toni/TikTok]

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