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OMG! Tommy Lee Goes Nude Again -- See The BALLSY Pic Here!

OMG! Tommy Lee Goes Nude Again -- See The BALLSY Pic Here!

Tommy Lee is letting it ALL hang out.

Maybe we should be surprised at this point. Maybe. Buuuuut we’re not! By now we’re resigned to the fact that this is just how it goes for the Mötley Crüe drummer and his larger-than-life peen existence! LOLz!

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On Tuesday evening, the 60-year-old rock star and Bonsai daddy tagged the world-famous Planters brand mascot Mr. Peanut in a shockingly, amazingly, wildly, absurdly NSFW message on Twitter. In the message, the Dr. Feelgood rocker asked Mr. Peanut to “collab” with him. Then, Tommy showed off a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY (did we mention VERY?) graphic picture of his nuts! Yes, those nuts! We’re not talking about the snack food!!

Like we just warned, this pic is incredibly NSFW!

But if you must see the X-rated snap (and come on, you know you wanna), you can do so by scrolling down (below):


Clearly, Tommy is in a playful mood. It might be (VERY) adult-themed, but it’s definitely VERY silly as well. So, uh, good for him?!

And his wife Brittany Furlan Lee is playing with that vibe, too! When one follower sarcastically commented about how Mr. Peanut himself could just “bring the nuts” (which is true!), Brittany cracked back:

Ha! We knew somebody had to go there!

Brittany has her own new Twitter commentary of note, too. Of course, we’ve been tracking all of her social media activity lately in light of Tommy’s ex-wife Pamela Anderson‘s new memoir and documentary release over the last few weeks.

The ex-Vine star has taken heat from fans and dished out plenty of her own drama amid Pam’s public work. And Brittany alluded to all that with her own new message tweeted out very early on Wednesday:

Well OK then! That’s definitely one way to look at things, right?

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And now, back to Tommy for more!

Over on Instagram on Wednesday morning, hours after showing off his VERY graphic balls on Twitter, the hair metal rocker delivered a truly Boomer-quality joke. He posted an inquisitive selfie to the ‘Gram and added this caption:

“Slept six hours straight last night. Then one hour gay.”


Truly a Dad-worthy pun there, Tommy. Ha!! Then again, it’s certainly more family-friendly than some of the other stuff he’s posted on Instagram recently… Hmmm… Just saying!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Brittany Furlan/Tommy Lee/Instagram]

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