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Tori Spelling Suffers Horrifying Falls In Front Of Her Children -- Because She Refuses To Drink WATER???

Tori Spelling Suffers Horrifying Falls In Front Of Her Children -- Because She Refuses To Drink WATER???

Jeez! Tori Spelling was hospitalized after a very serious fall! And this is becoming a pattern all because she won’t drink water. Wait, what?!?

On Tuesday’s episode of her misSPELLING podcast, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum revealed that she has been fainting because she refuses to drink H2O! And this not only landed her in the hospital earlier this week, but it’s also why she was mysteriously hospitalized over the summer!

As Perezcious readers will recall, Tori shockingly hinted at a hospital stay in August after she posted photos from a medical facility where she had been for at least four days. It came amid her split from Dean McDermott and talks of major money troubles for the actress. She and the kids were also living in an RV at the time because their previous home had mold issues. So, the fact that she was suddenly facing a medical emergency was concerning AF!

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Now, FINALLY, Tori is getting candid about what happened — and why she is continuing to face medical scares! In this week’s new podcast ep, the Scary Movie star explained the summer health problem by saying:

“I most likely was dehydrated because I hate water. I don’t drink water. It’s a problem. I fell straight backwards, hit my head, knocked out. And that’s how I remember just coming to and my daughter, Stella, was screaming.”


It must’ve been a terrible fall and an incredibly serious case of dehydration if she was hospitalized for several days!

But unfortunately, this wasn’t even a wake-up call for the mother of four! Just three nights before recording her podcast, she fell again and split open her chin! And according to her, it’s all because of her water problem! She explained:

“This time I fell forward. I split my chin open. My poor daughter, Stella, she’s just really nervous that I’m going to pass out again… her worst nightmare happened because she heard a thunk upstairs and it was me this time.”

The 15-year-old rushed to find her mother, who was lying on the ground. Tori told her daughter at the time:

“I think I broke my jaw. I need to go to the hospital.”

Because the 50-year-old didn’t want to call 911, she had Stella try to get in touch with her friends and family, but nobody, not even her ex-husband and baby daddy, picked up! This didn’t make the teen feel any better, Spelling recalled:

“She was like, ‘In emergencies, here we are alone. This is the second time this is happening.'”

What an awful feeling! It doesn’t help that Tori’s “blood pressure had dropped to 77, [she had] passed out, and split [her] chin open.” Like, this was a really serious and intense situation! Her daughter must’ve been freaked!

Thankfully, they eventually got help and an ambulance arrived to take them to the hospital. But things only got more strange on the way! The True Tori lead dished:

“Ambulance driver said, ‘Hey, I know who you are. You’re that star. Hey, do you have any intel on P. Diddy?’ And she [Stella] goes, ‘Mom, you were about to answer!’ The funny thing is I don’t have any intel. I don’t know what I was about to say.”

LOLz! Stella didn’t want Tori putting her foot in her mouth! But she also likely didn’t want her mom talking at all, Tori continued:

“She goes, ‘[Your chin] was open so far that when you tried to talk I could see right through it.'”

So traumatizing!! The Spelling It Like It Is author was given six stitches to fix her chin. She’s also concerned she might have a concussion because everything is “still spinning.” Umm, not good! It’s been several days since the accident. She better get checked out again!

Addressing her dehydration theory more, the embattled star acknowledged that she never drinks water, opting for Diet Dr. Pepper and Ginger Ale instead. Uh, those aren’t good replacements for water. TBH, nothing is! Because of this bad habit, she believes she was “completely dehydrated,” and that caused her to faint and injure herself. The podcaster reflected:

“I think, perhaps, me not drinking water, subconsciously is a form of self sabotage.”


Tori’s been navigating a very challenging few months ever since dramatically cutting ties with her husband Dean in June amid his addiction struggles. But depriving herself of basic necessities is no way to deal with her problems! We hope she takes this as a sign to stay hydrated — and fingers crossed there’s nothing more serious is going on, either! Reactions? Let us know (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Tori Spelling/Instagram]

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