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Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Mistress Claims They Reportedly Hooked Up In LA & He Said He'd Leave Khloé -- And Reveals A Kardashian Dirty Secret

Tristan Thompson at NBA press conference

UPDATE 1:15 P.M. PST: It appears the real Maralee has stood up?! The account @maraleenichols has claimed that, as we suspected, there are accounts impersonating her! Here’s what her current bio says:

Maralee Nicols instagram
Maralee Nicols/Instagram

And in the Instagram Stories of this account, there are requests to report @maraleenicolsfitness_, @maraleenicole, @maraleenicholsofficial, and more. We must note, this account also remains unverified. We’ll keep you posted as updates come in!


Tristan Thompson’s alleged baby momma needs to be heard — and she doesn’t care who in the KarJenner family she’s dragging in the process!

As we reported, the NBA star got Maralee Nichols pregnant with his third child back in March, according to her legal docs. The personal trainer, who gave birth to a baby boy last week, is suing Tristan for child support, accusing him of insisting she get an abortion and attempting to pay her $75k in hush money.

But it appears the Houston native is just getting started. Maralee took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to let Tristan know she’s planning on sharing her side of the story, and teased fans with some very juicy details she says the KarJenners don’t want you to know!

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First thing’s first though. We should note that this account is NOT verified, and also makes a huge claim about Kylie Jenner and Drake — so take it with a grain of salt for now, k?

Now that we got that out of the way… prepare for some major (alleged) tea!

The Dark Truths

Referencing their alleged affair — which the athlete claims was just for one night, while she charges went on for over five months — the new momma wrote:

“Transparency and honesty was all I ever asked for. The love we made… The intimacy… and me opening myself up to you and showing my vulnerability… was all a mistake. Never again.”

She then addressed Tristan’s latest breakup with on-again, off-again girlfriend Khloé Kardashian, whom he was still dating at the time he and Maralee allegedly conceived their love child. She claims he told her he was planning to dump his famous baby momma, writing:

“You told me you planned to leave Khloe at Doja Cat‘s party in LA. Flew me and my best friend out. All for why??”

Whoa! Not only is she claiming he was telling her he’d leave Khloé… she says he flew her to LA! That’s not just cheating while out of town if true — it’s ordering in for a side dish!

She also wrote, per The Blast:

“I never asked you to leave Khloe. Those were your own intentions with no influence on my part.. AT ALL. Let’s make that clear. I just want you to uphold the promises you made me. The promises you made us… . You hurt me to the core and I am not okay. I won’t allow you and the Kardashians to continue to live behind this facade and “perfect” lifestyle… when that is not the case at all. People should know the dark truths and they will.”

More on those so-called “dark truths” in a minute…

Nichols went on to post an alleged text exchange between her and the 30-year-old, in which Tristan allegedly wrote to her:

“Can you please stop? We can talk about this like adults in private… leave Doja and other names out of this. I’ll b in Houston in a few weeks.”

She captioned the post:

“Sad that I have to threaten #tristanthompson and the #kardashian family for a response from this deadbeat. Forget the money I just want you to be a father to our child.”

Tristan Thompson attacked in Maralee Nichols' instagram stories
(c) Maralee Nichols/Instagram

Maralee then explained she’s prepared to do anything to make that happen — including airing out major KarJenner dirty laundry.

Kylie & Drake

To show she wasn’t kidding around, the trainer straight up claimed the rumor about Kylie sleeping with Drake was true — and that Tristan knew about it but couldn’t bring himself to tell Kylie’s on-off boyfriend, Travis Scott.

It’s unclear whether or not that’s legit (of course, there’s been no shortage of Kylie-Drake speculation over the years), but it sure sounds like Maralee has zero f**ks to give and plenty more claims up her sleeve!

What do U think of this, Perezcious readers? Ch-ch-check out her posts (below) and share your thoughts in the comments.

Tristan Thompson attacked in Maralee Nichols' instagram stories 1
(c) Maralee Nichols/Instagram
Tristan Thompson attacked in Maralee Nichols' instagram stories 2
(c) Maralee Nichols/Instagram
Tristan Thompson attacked in Maralee Nichols' instagram stories 3
(c) Maralee Nichols/Instagram
Tristan Thompson attacked in Maralee Nichols' instagram stories 4
That’s all, folks. / (c) Maralee Nichols/Instagram

[Image via NBA/Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN]

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