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Tucker Carlson Slams Fox Nation & Calls Out His 'Post-Menopausal Fans' In Shocking Leak!

Tucker Carlson Slams Fox News Viewers & Calls Out His 'Post-Menopausal Fans' In Shocking Leak!

The s**t continues to hit the fan regarding newly-fired former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

As most probably know, Carlson was abruptly let go from the news network late last month. And while it’s not entirely clear why he was fired, more information is now coming out via leaks of unsettling comments he made behind the scenes.

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On Tuesday morning, Media Matters For America published two leaked clips of Tucker speaking to colleagues prior to going on air back while he was still working for Fox News. In one clip, Carlson appears to have made misogynistic and sexually-charged crude comments while talking to Piers Morgan prior to an appearance Tucker had on Piers’ TalkTV show in April of last year. Considering the workplace discrimination lawsuit recently filed by a former producer against Carlson and his nightly show, these comments certainly don’t look good.

In that first clip, while Tucker was preparing to go live on Morgan’s eponymous show, Piers says this to the now-former ex-Fox News talker:

“It’s just great to have you on my show. I mean, I’ve been on yours enough times. It’s great.”

To which Carlson crudely replies:

“I think it’s totally cool. So let’s — if we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique, but, you know, but it’s your show. It’s totally up to you.”


Morgan responds without missing a beat by referencing a segment Carlson had done the week before that on Tucker Carlson Tonight about men tanning their testicles to increase testosterone levels:

“We can certainly talk about your sexual technique, especially after your tanning testicles last week.”

And Carlson replied:

“Not mine! We’ll speak in more general terms, but I’ve got something to add.”

Seriously vomit-inducing…

Thankfully, when the duo went on air during the ensuing segment on Piers’ show last year, Tucker’s sexual technique was not discussed. But sadly, for our purposes here, that was just the warm-up.

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Another video taken from behind the scenes while Tucker was on the set set of his own recently-concluded show on Fox News is far more unsettling.

Speaking to someone who is off-camera at one point before going live on the network on his own show, the 53-year-old host can be heard saying this about someone:

“You wouldn’t? OK. I’m not, you know what, I’m not qualified on that score. I will say, I thought his girlfriend was kind of yummy.”

Then, as if understanding his words could get leaked — which is exactly what happened Tuesday — Carlson backtracked:

“Just kidding, in case this is being pulled off the bird.”

(The “bird,” FYI, is a cable news slang term for a communications satellite.)

Tucker then went on to add:

“Hey, Media Matters For America, go f**k yourself. I don’t even know what his girlfriend looks like. And if I did, I would not find her ‘yummy.'”

Uhhh WTF?!

Then, in a third leaked clip, Tucker can be seen on the set of his now-killed second project Tucker Carlson Today. That show was available on Fox Nation — Fox News’ web streaming service — before he was fired from the news network.

But judging by this leaked quip, it sounds like Tucker didn’t have a ton of respect for his streaming audience. He told somebody off camera while prepping his look to go live:

“I can never assess my appearance. I wait for my postmenopausal fans to weigh in on that.”


Then, joking about how he is about to go on air, he added:

“What, they want to control me from afar? OK, I’m putting the leash on.”

And even that wasn’t it.

Apparently not content to leave it at criticizing Fox Nation’s fans, he also slammed the streaming service itself with another clip that was pulled from before an interview with Andrew Tate last August.

In that leaked clip, which was first released by MMFA back on Monday evening, Carlson said:

“Nobody’s going to watch it on Fox Nation. Nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks. So I’d really like to just … dump the whole thing on YouTube. But anyway, that’s just my view, OK? I’m just frustrated with it.”

And he went on from there, hurriedly venting his frustrations with Fox Nation:

“It’s hard to use that site. I don’t know why they’re not fixing it. It’s driving me insane. And they’re like making, like, Lifetime movies. But they don’t work on the infrastructure of the site. Like what? It’s crazy. And it drives me crazy because it’s like we’re doing all this extra work and no one can find it. It’s unbelievable, actually. I don’t know who runs that site.”

Before he concluded with a flourish:

“We’re like working like animals to produce all this content, and the people in charge of it, whoever that guy’s, whatever his name is, like, they’re ignoring the fact that the site doesn’t work. And I think it’s like a betrayal of our efforts. That’s how I feel. So I, of course, I resent it.”


Not exactly a way to endear yourself to big boss Rupert Murdoch there, Tucker. Guess that’s why Carlson is no longer with the network, then. Right?

You can see more of the leaked footage via MMFA at the links to their bombshell reports on Tucker over the last two days HERE and HERE.

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[Image via The Heritage Foundation/YouTube]

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