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Wendy Williams' Best Friend Is Terrified TV Star Is Being 'Forced To Be Quiet' & Has THIS Worry About 'Sinister Vibe' Of Her Disappearance!

Wendy Williams' Best Friend Is Terrified TV Star Is Being 'Forced To Be Quiet' & Has THIS Worry About 'Sinister Vibe' Of Her Disappearance!

Wendy Williams‘ longtime best friend is calling out her treatment at the hands of her guardian and sounding the alarm on MAJOR worries for the daytime TV talk show host’s health and well-being!

On Thursday, the U.S. Sun interviewed a woman named Regina Schell who was close to the Wendy Williams Show alum for years and years and years — 44 of them, to be exact — including talking multiple times by phone or in person every single day. But now, Regina hasn’t seen or heard from Wendy in MONTHS. And she’s terrified about what may have happened to the 59-year-old celeb!

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Speaking to that media outlet about her friend of more than four decades, Regina began by alleging that Wendy may have been “forced to be quiet” amid the controlling guardianship in which she now finds herself:

“I want people to know that Wendy is a real person, and this is not some ‘karma is a bitch’ thing. Talking is Wendy’s life, her whole claim to fame is talking, and I don’t think she would be this quiet unless she was forced to be quiet.”


Schell took aim at a LOT of things that have been flying around Wendy’s world lately, too. Not only did guardian Sabrina Morrissey get called out in the interview, but so too did that Lifetime doc on Wendy’s career and life. Schell thinks that doc is especially strange because Wendy didn’t respond to it:

“There is no way in hell that she would not have responded to that Lifetime documentary, with all her family members appearing in it. Wendy would have had something to say about all of that, without a doubt.”

And with Wendy only last being seen in public in May of last year, Regina slammed the 13-month absence:

“Where is Wendy and why is no one asking that question? And why is no one answering that question? Why can’t they produce Wendy, or an actual statement from Wendy, or a picture of Wendy? Where is Wendy?! I haven’t spoken to my friend, who I spoke to five times a day, in over a year now.”

She went on to add:

“I think she should be surrounded by family and friends and people who love and support her, instead of some stranger who has her who knows where.”

The weirdest thing about it for Regina is that she hasn’t even talked to Wendy on the phone! The duo used to speak on the phone multiple times a day in the instances when they weren’t available to see each other in person. So, with Wendy completely out of commission, Regina is hurt:

“She’s somewhere that she can’t reach a phone because Wendy can always get to a phone, because if she could get to a phone, she’d be calling me.”


Regina even claims that she has a Chewy account to order food for Wendy’s cats Chit Chat and My Way, but the guardian Morrissey has allegedly been remiss in getting the food orders she sends over via the account. And in turn, that makes Regina worried not only about Wendy’s fate and current status, but also the talk show host’s beloved cats! Oh no!

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In the end, Schell concluded with this very strong and heartbreaking statement:

“What is the end game? How does this end when her money is gone? Where is she? It’s got a sinister vibe to it. That’s what gets me. There’s something about it that just doesn’t feel right. There’s no sign of her beyond a statement that was made which doesn’t sound like her at all, and why hasn’t a medical team come forward to talk about her dementia diagnosis?”

So concerning and worrying. And crazy that there are just no answers suitable enough for this best friend of nearly five decades, and instead only radio silence. Reactions, y’all? Share ’em (below)…

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