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Bad Boy To Have Another Boy (Or Girl)

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His wild days seem to be behind him. Rehab worked for once!

Colin Farrell has been kinda quiet lately, but his life is about to get a little noisier. Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that the Irish actor's girlfriend, Muireann McDonnell, is pregnant.

"She's just under three months along now," says our source. "They're trying to keep it quiet."

That poor ex-boyfriend of McDonnell's must be rolling in his grave now!

[Image via Finalpixx.]

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166 comments to “Bad Boy To Have Another Boy (Or Girl)”

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  1. kt says – reply to this


    4th ?

  2. stefystef says – reply to this


    Geez, what happened to that guy's career??? He's a fine actor, but he's known more for fuckin' than acting these days. I hope he gets back on the screen soon and stop all this baby making, especially with different women.

  3. Karyn says – reply to this


    He's just too hot ! Doesn't he have another kid?

  4. yary says – reply to this


    good for them

  5. RussianMafia says – reply to this


    He can do better !!

  6. Tee says – reply to this



  7. Mattiavelli says – reply to this


    What? again?

  8. Perez LOVES Poonani says – reply to this


    that trashy hobo scarf look is kinda cool… hmm maybe i want one

  9. krista says – reply to this


    god he's hot.


  10. what? says – reply to this


    um how many kids does this guy have with different women again?

  11. britt says – reply to this


    what's with the scarves????

  12. dan says – reply to this



  13. jenna says – reply to this


    sooooo sexy i love him!

  14. Deuce says – reply to this


    Sooooooooooooo hot!!!

  15. mstee says – reply to this


    her ex-boyfriend died?! wtf!

  16. valerie says – reply to this


    i love colin he is such a man!! so refreshing these days.

  17. baby says – reply to this



  18. ev says – reply to this


    thats not colins girlfriend in the pic its his sister claudine!!!!!!

  19. Cat says – reply to this


    first and foremost whocares????

  20. i love perez says – reply to this


    thats his sister in the pic not muireann

  21. its showtime says – reply to this



  22. CH says – reply to this


    That's not his girlfriend in the picture. It's his sister.

  23. su says – reply to this


    He is a very good actor, i'm curious to see him in the Woodie Allen's movie.

  24. marsha says – reply to this


    Perez thats not his gf in the pic thats his Sis / PA Claudine.

  25. hello?? says – reply to this


    perez, how have you not reported yet that hugh hefner DIED??

  26. hello?? says – reply to this


    perez, how have you not reported yet that hugh hefner died?? for shame!!

  27. mememe says – reply to this


    Perez, that was a nasty awful thing to say about her ex.

  28. i love perez says – reply to this


    thats his sister in the pic-i really hope he isnt havin her baby!!!

  29. Irish lass says – reply to this


    Shame on you Perez. That poor ex boyfriend should be left to rest in peace not made the butt of your crass jokes!

  30. i love perez says – reply to this


    thats his sister in the pic-sure hope he isnt havin her baby!!!

  31. Pawsmurf says – reply to this


    Perez that comment about her ex-boyfriend was not fair. that was an awful tragedy fro everybody involved. suicide jokes are no go. thats just so low

  32. Jacqueline Hyde says – reply to this


    I can't wait to see them strolling around my home town. I finally found the house he bought. Let the stalking begin.

  33. desert gal says – reply to this


    maybe her BF was Hef…and he died??? huh??? and now it's his sister??? he got his sister prego??? WHAT'S GOIN' ON HERE??!!!
    Well, I'm confused…:$

  34. lala bush says – reply to this


    Colin is so effin hot..in a dirty kinda way. dayum, the things i'd do to that man!

  35. big willy says – reply to this


    Colin is hot and sleezy, just the way i like it. i'd go primal on his ass for sure.

  36. Niki says – reply to this


    Take that comment down Perez. It's completely uncalled for. That boy has a family here in Ireland trying to come to terms with losing him in such a tragic way and if Muireann is pregnant the last thing she needs is you adding stress by coming out with comments like that. Suicide is not something to be joked about. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  37. nadine says – reply to this


    Hugh Hefner DIED???????????????????

  38. stefystef says – reply to this


    Hahahahahahahaha, finally fixed the picture, eh?
    I didn't know the ex-boyfriend of Colin's girlfriend committed suicide.
    I agree with the other posters, Perez. If you are changing pictures, you should remove that last sentence. It's overboard, even by your low standards.

  39. marianelly says – reply to this


    that is not his sister in the pix. that's his girlfriend, which by the way is butt ass ugly. his sister is very pretty.

  40. marianely says – reply to this


    anyone know what is the story behind the poor ex boyfriend that died? I don't remember Perez reporting that incident on here.

  41. mememe says – reply to this


    Her ex committed suicide and Perez didnt report it because it has nothign to do with celebrities. Peres, you are scum and have repeatedly pissed off the Irish, but this is the last straw. Now clean my floors you lazy latino.

  42. Ona says – reply to this


    Oh wow, his girlfriend is not that cute….

  43. ireland says – reply to this


    it is sick that you would make such a comment about someone who comitted suicide.

  44. Rymageddon says – reply to this


    His girlfriend looks like Frankenstein.

  45. LisaLisa says – reply to this


    Sister or girlfriend, all those Irish chicks look the same.

  46. dg says – reply to this


    Why don't Muireann's friends find a hobby that doesn't include trolling every gossip site on the internet trying to defend her less than stellar behavior towards her ex? You're not fooling anyone who knows the real story.

  47. marianelly says – reply to this


    anyone know why the boyfriend killed himself? and how he did it?

  48. Ona says – reply to this


    #41, basically, she was dating a college student (her ex bf). she met colin at a party, she left her ex boyfriend for colin and he then committed suicide.

  49. marianelly says – reply to this


    DG #47 - If you know the gossip as to how that all went down, then by all means post it!!!

  50. All American Girl says – reply to this


    See what shitty lust does. Though I would get preggers by him just for the child support.

  51. Marianelly says – reply to this


    #49 ONA- Thanks for the 411. God that's awfull!!!

  52. mememe says – reply to this


    Im not a friend of hers of her late ex boyfriend. I just think that Perez' comment is disgusting.

  53. marianelly says – reply to this


    Perez considering the HISTORY behind the ex-boyfriends death, you should really take that last comment down. That's really fucked up of you. Have some respect for the deceased!!

  54. Hell Yeah says – reply to this


    dayum, he's so sexy. if i had a vajayjay i'd volunteer to be his baby momma. since i don't he could use the…err, other end.

  55. Desert Gal says – reply to this


    #49…..ooooohhhhh…..so the plot thickens…very interesting….

    So Perez…Any confirmation on Hef Yet?? And why are we talking about Hugg Hefner in Colin's comments???

  56. kate says – reply to this


    His comment is disgusting and as for you losers wnating to know how and why that is sickening. Leave the girl alone, they are happy and thats all ther is too it. Jesus getup off your asses and have your own lfe.

  57. lotta says – reply to this


    this pic is from june 20th. in the pics today in ny she looks the same, you would think she would be showing by now.

  58. mj says – reply to this


    well is this his sis or gf ? yea he is hot and perez should his last comment sad he is so mean even in ppls death…

  59. nadine says – reply to this


    Damn she's fugly! I hope it's just a bad picture!

  60. marianelly says – reply to this


    #57 KATE - Listen Bitch, stop judging others that are on here asking questions and wanting to know the gossip. If you don't like how the conversation is going then go elsewhere. If we are losers then what does that make you? Your stupid dumb ass is sitting on the computer leaving comments as well. DUMB WHORE!

  61. marianelly says – reply to this


    #57 Kate - I forgot to mention that you should also get a dictionary and learn how to spell. Go back to school dumb fuck!! Get a fucking clue!!

  62. Becky says – reply to this


    Jim Mullin, I looked at your site, you have a great voice.

  63. Becky says – reply to this


    Collin Farrell is SO HOT I saw Miami Vice three times & I have the dvd. I would give anything to have one night with him.

  64. Niki says – reply to this


    #47 DG I'm not a friend of Muireanns either. In fact I've never met either of them but I lost a good friend to suicide so I know what they family is going through and its disgusting to drag them into this "celeb" world. They never signed up for this - they're just trying to grieve for their son/brother. Have a heart will u?

  65. Shallow Val says – reply to this


    Ugh, I hate this guy. He's so obvious, overblown and really girls, a blithering idiot. He's the first "good-looking" guy who actually turns me OFF. Oh and McConnaghey (spelling?).

    His girlfriend looks like she's 14, WTF?

  66. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    HA! I was getting on the elevator to my room at the Bellagio last week in Vegas and the doors opened and out walked Colin Farrell with a lady on each arm… I will say, he's really good lookin'. But obviously he isn't worried about being faithful to the mother of his child!

  67. delish says – reply to this


    Colin is sleazy yet so hot and he's turning out to be quite the mass impregnator. with him my birth control would be the back door. haha

  68. mj says – reply to this


    #67 you are right he will not be faithful to anyone at least not any time in the future ,they are crazy to get preggo by him (single parent) although he does have the money for the support haha…

  69. amber says – reply to this


    ewww she's homely looking

  70. Penny says – reply to this


    That is his girlfriend not his sister you ppl dont have a clue, I went to the same school as her, and to be honest that pic is really really old if she was preggers there she'd be showing for sure by now which she's not so i think its complete and utter Bull that shes pregnant. Perez have a word with your source!

  71. hot'nbothered says – reply to this


    funny, i saw him in Vegas last weekend. i could see why he's got a shitload of fans (both gals and guys). the guy looks kinda sleazy but he's oozing sex appeal. i actually got a little, umm, moist when he winked at me.

  72. ella says – reply to this


    That's a terrible thing to say about her ex boyfriend. Jokes are jokes, but that's just mean spirited and sick. You know nothing about it, so shame on you.

  73. wtf says – reply to this


    Good! Maybe he can focus on that instead of slaughtering movies. It is a shame that writers spend a ton of time developing stories and characterizations, so that guys like this can stay up till 6am, when they have a shoot at 8am, and end up looking like zombies when they act. He flubbed through Miami Vice and it showed. God awful!

  74. joeyOh says – reply to this


    VERy Happy for them both, Miss Colin, but glad he's doing so well … way to GO!!

  75. Giggly says – reply to this


    aww thats adorable ; I pray that he or she is healthy :)

  76. lotta says – reply to this


    the original pic perez had up was a pic of cf and his sister, this pic is mm.

  77. maryp says – reply to this


    I agree..that comment about Muireann's ex is totally uncalled for and may be a new all time low for Perez.
    I hesitate to even comment her because it's what he wants… but just to set a few things straight.
    In photos taken yesterday.. Muireann looks less pregnant than she did in that photo from 2 mos ago.
    There is nothing wrong with Colin's career. From the minute he was out of rehab he began filming "Pride and Glory" with Edward Norton.. that opens Jan 2008. He then filmed "Cassandra's Dream" with Woody Allen and also starring Ewan McGregor. That is premiering soon and has a Nov 30 release date. He also filmed "In Bruges" with Ralph Fiennes and Brendan Gleeson.. which will hopefully have an early '08 release date. He is supposed to start filming "Dirt Music" with Rachel Weisz in Austrailia soon. So the demise of his career is premature.
    If Muireann is pregnant .. then I wish them well. But I'm just not convinced by this sketchy story from unknown sources.. with an old photo for "proof".

  78. Lali says – reply to this


    who is she?

  79. Lkelly says – reply to this


    Perez..u are hilarious….serious….lol! lmao!!!!

  80. KARLA says – reply to this



  81. Christine says – reply to this


    …and people wonder why all these kids are having babies out of wedlock and with different "men". Unfortunately kids look up to these celebretards and think it's ok to do whatever they see. How pitiful Hollywood has become.

  82. Jen says – reply to this


    I wish he would go back to acting. It's seems last a lot longer than his sexual escapades.

  83. caitlyn .m. says – reply to this


    ugh her face looks weird… either it's her or the angle

  84. Jessica says – reply to this


    She's fugly. Wow.

  85. ass says – reply to this


    "That poor ex-boyfriend of McDonnell’s must be rolling in his grave now!"

    That's pretty fucking tasteless.

  86. TIRED OF IT ALL says – reply to this


    OMG - When is this stud going to stop??

  87. T.rex says – reply to this


    A guy's guy. good for him. I wish him the best, and the rest of y'all just be hating.

  88. karen says – reply to this


    God, I use to be so hot for him . Now , I think he's a walking STD. Herpes is FOREVER you know !

  89. lili says – reply to this


    Oooooo! Perez! You went there!

  90. helen says – reply to this


    Perez please remove that comment about her boyfriend - that is extremely cruel, inapproriate and tasteless. I didnt think even you would stoop that low.

  91. Dana says – reply to this


    That is not his sister, his sister is much prettier than her.

  92. Jeven Anders says – reply to this


    I guess that Colin is too stupid to figure out that you can buy condoms or how to put them on. He is always barebacking. Someone check his T-Cell count ASAP. What is wrong with this chick sleeping with Colin Farrell without a condom. Has she seen the sex tape?? Celebrities are so nasty with their barebacking.

  93. dick says – reply to this


    For such a bad-ass, he's got one FUGLY bitch!
    I see she has a McK in her name, but I think he got her from a Latin, mail-order bride web-site?
    WTF? Is she of legal age?
    She might have a bigger chin than Reese Witherspoon!

  94. lalane says – reply to this


    never see him with his other kiddo.

  95. smorf says – reply to this


    Isn't that Nicole Richie??

  96. christie says – reply to this


    does NO ONE get married anymore before having kids??? 2 out of wedlock, makes me absolutely repulsively sick that no one gives a shit about the sanctity of marriage anymore.

  97. mememe says – reply to this


    Perez hates Paddies as much as i hate latino scum.

  98. Andy Taylor says – reply to this


    Never understood why this man midget is getting so many acting roles.

  99. keeley says – reply to this



  100. T.F says – reply to this


    he's hott and she's not!! If you're gonna knock up a chic at least make an attempt make some cute babies.

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