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The Reason Why Kelly Clarkson Pulled The Plug On Her Marriage REVEALED!

The Reason Why Kelly Clarkson Pulled The Plug On Her Marriage to Brandon Blackstock REVEALED!

After reading this report, you definitely can’t accuse Kelly Clarkson of not knowing what she wants, or not going after the life she wants to live.

Quite the opposite, in fact, because as we’re learning more about her split from now-estranged husband Brandon Blackstock, it turns out the American Idol winner is seriously committed to her divorce decision and 100% ready to move the f**k on! (And honestly, good for her!)

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An insider close to the former couple is dishing major dirt on Blackstock this week, revealing in a new issue of Us Weekly the REAL reason the new daytime TV talk show host decided to move forward with divorce. And it’s not infidelity or anything like that — it’s just straight up resentment!

The source explained (below):

“She could no longer trust Brandon, and she felt that Brandon was just using her for her money and lifestyle. She had tremendous resentment toward him. She just wasn’t willing to look the other way anymore.”


Can’t be a very good feeling to think you’re just being used for the superficial, material things you can provide…

After nearly seven full years of marriage, the 39-year-old singer just couldn’t take it any more, and reportedly felt “immense pain” because she just couldn’t get on the same page as her 44-year-old other half. The insider explained further about the two halves misfiring so badly:

“The marriage was really, really awful at the end. She had a lot of questions that he just couldn’t answer. … She just wants it over with [so that] she is not thinking about divorce all day.”

Jeez! Luckily, Kelly has a notoriously busy work schedule that should help with some of those errant thoughts. Still, though.

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Thankfully, tough times don’t last forever, and eventually even the worst of storms clears up and moves on… or something… And that’s how Kelly feels now — happy and excited to move forward while co-parenting daughter River, 7, and son Remington, 5.

One more time from the gossip mag:

“She hasn’t and won’t ever look back. Kelly has no regrets about filing for divorce. She only stuck it out for as long as she did for her kids.”

Sounds pretty definitive to us!

TBH, few things kill a relationship as fast as resentment — that’s a nasty feeling. But honestly, good on Kelly for recognizing it and putting together the road map to move on and get to a healthier, happier place in her own life, and with her children. Her newly single self should already be thanking her for the foresight to pack up and move forward!

What do U think about all these divorce deets, Perezcious readers?? Are you surprised to read that Kelly felt like she was being used for a lifestyle?!

Sound OFF with your take on the divorce drama down in the comments (below)…

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