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Elizabeth Chambers Finally Breaks Silence On Armie Hammer’s IG Scandal -- As He Drops ANOTHER Project!

armie hammer drop project as elizabeth chambers breaks silence

Another day, another update in the Alleged Cannibal Armie Hammer saga.

2021 has gotten off to a rough start for Mr. Hammer, to put it mildly. We doubt when the actor was ringing in the New Year that he thought he’d be exposed for (alleged) abuse and cannibalism. Or that his private, freaky “finsta” posts would get leaked. Or that he’d have to drop out of high-profile Hollywood projects and basically go into hiding in the Cayman Islands.

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(But hey, Instagram isn’t exactly the most secure medium. If you’re gonna DM a girl about drinking her blood without a NDA, you should probably consider that the cannibalism thing might come back to bite your ass someday.)

Unfortunately, the father of two’s disturbing actions don’t just reflect on himself, but on his family, too. His ex wife Elizabeth Chambers is reportedly “living a nightmare” as all of this has emerged, but so far she’s kept quiet about the controversy… until now.

The Today correspondent has broken her silence in a subtle way, but we have to admit the circumstances are stranger than fiction. You see, on Thursday, news broke that Armie’s Call Me By Your Name collaborators Timothée Chalamet and filmmaker Luca Guadagnino were in talks to reunite for a new movie, Bones & All, with subject matter that’s a bit too close to home.

As The Hollywood Reporter described:

“The project is based on the novel of the same name by Camille DeAngelis, which follows Maren Yearly on a cross-country trip as she searches for the father she’s never met in an attempt to understand why she has the urge to kill and eat the people that love her.”

Yep. It’s a cannibal love story. We can’t make this stuff up!

It didn’t escape Elizabeth’s notice that art was imitating life in this adaptation. In fact, when it came across her feed via Just Jared, she gave her first comment on the subject, writing: “No. Words.”

elizabeth chambers cannibal ig comment
Elizabeth’s comment on Luca and Timmy’s new “cannibal love story.” / (c) Instagram

Not exactly a formal statement, but the mother of two is known for sending a message via social media (albeit in a VERY different manner than her baby daddy). Back when the most scandalous rumor about Armie was that he cheated with his Rebecca co-star Lily James, Elizabeth seemingly confirmed the story by “liking” our very own IG post about it.

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Meanwhile, the Sorry to Bother You star, who dropped out of a rom-com with Jennifer Lopez to “be with his children” after the BDSM/cannibalism leaked (and allegedly real) DMs, has exited yet another project. Armie was set to lead Paramount+’s The Offer, a limited series about the making of the film The Godfather, but he has quietly bowed out of the production. And BTW, he originally stepped away from Gaslit, a Watergate series also starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, so that he could do The Offer. So in a way, he’s lost two MAJOR projects for the price of one.

Lots of actors have been able to shake off abuse allegations and continue working (in fact, Sean Penn is one of them!). But it seems like the overall creepiness of the specific accusations against Armie may be more hard to overcome. In any case, we hope he’s able to get help and make amends for the harm he has apparently caused.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN]

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