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Bhad Bhabie Apparently Made More Than $1 Million Mere HOURS After Her OnlyFans Debut -- And Just Days After Her 18th Birthday!

bhad bhabie : breaks onlyfans record days after 18th brithday

We’re not sure how we feel about this story, but it’s certainly very on brand for Bhad Bhabie.

The viral “Cash me outside” sensation-turned-rapper has made a career out of being controversial and scandalous, so at this point we really shouldn’t be surprised by anything she comes up with. Still, the pivot from her brave #BreakingCodeSilence revelation about Dr. Phil’s allegedly abusive rehab center to her latest venture is giving us a bit of whiplash.

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On Thursday, the TV personality announced she was joining OnlyFans, the infamous subscription service popular with s*x workers (and more recently, celebs). Accompanied by a teasing clip on Instagram, she wrote:

“saw your 6 million comments and now i’m answering your call we breaking all the rules . See u biches there . LINK IN BIO

On Twitter, she added:

“got tired of u asking, so f**k it. But if imma do it, imma do it wild and crazy as f**k. Give it 2 weeks and we break the internet”

As it turns out, the artist (real name Danielle Bregoli) didn’t need two weeks to break OnlyFans records. Shortly after her debut, she posted a receipt showing she had already made more than $1 million. She celebrated:

“not bad for 6 hours we broke the f**k out of that onlyfans record”

According to an insider for Page Six, Bregoli’s account is on track to make “more than $5 million in gross revenue in 24 hours.” It wasn’t too long ago that we were gobsmacked by Bella Thorne’s million-dollar debut, but $5 million?! Sheesh!

To make things more… um… interesting, Bhad Bhabie only turned 18 a week ago. In other words, she’s the very definition of barely legal. Twitter users were quick to point out how disturbing that payday was in light of her young age. Reactions included:

“Bhad Babie just turned 18 and made an Onlyfans with over a million subscribers…ALOT of y’all grown ass men need help, real predator type energy.”

“makes me feel so ill that bhadbabie stopped being a minor like a week ago and she’s already made a million off only fans”

“bhadbabie making a mill the first night she drops an OF is so disgusting to me… y’all grown men been waiting to see that child body THAT bad? gross.”

Reminds us of all of those creepy countdowns to when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became 18. Eww.

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Danielle is indeed a legal adult now, so her OnlyFans is her choice. But we can’t help but side-eye a society willing to shell out that much cash for a peek at such a young girl’s body. All respect to s*x workers, but it seems like there’s something wrong with the system itself here.

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Does this situation also give you the creeps? Or is all fair in love and OnlyFans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below).

[Image via Bhad Bhabie/Instagram & OnlyFans]

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