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Bianca Censori Told Family She Has A 'Game Plan' With Kanye West Marriage?!

Bianca Censori Told Her Family That She Has A 'Game Plan' With Kanye West Marriage?!

Has Bianca Censori been playing chess this whole time while the world has been assuming she’s been in Trouble?!

That’s what one insider is saying! As we’ve been reporting, the 29-year-old Aussie’s family and friends are said to be remarkably concerned with what they feel is incredibly controlling behavior on the part of husband Kanye West. To be fair, we all kind of see it that way. She was the Yeezy brand architectural designer, now she looks like a fetish model. But to hear this new insider tell it, Bianca is pulling all the strings behind the scenes to get exactly what she wants in the long run. Uhhh, REALLY?! Go on…

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Speaking to on Monday, a source claimed Bianca has a “game plan” for life with the Hurricane rapper. Of course, we already know Ye’s game plan: get Bianca as close to naked in public as possible for as many outings as possible. But Bianca’s strategy is supposedly more shrewd?! The source claimed Bianca is not being coerced by Ye to do all that wacky s**t, but instead, she’s totally got it “under control”:

“Bianca has talked to her family and she has told her friends the same thing since she was last back home, namely that she knows what she is doing and she has this under control.”

Per the insider, Bianca is more of a business partner and less of a trophy wife to Ye:

“She has a lot invested in her marriage to Kanye and her game plan is starting to become apparent. She has ownership in his clothing line, in his music — she is the only model in his latest video and on the cover of Vultures — in his real estate investments, and more.”

And she’s apparently got designs on making her time in the spotlight impactful before cashing out, knowing her so-called fifteen minutes of fame won’t last forever:

“She is a very smart woman and it appears she is just as involved in her outrageous outfits as he is. She has always been risqué, but she knows that this is her minute and that her minute won’t last forever.”


Call us skeptical based on what we’ve seen so far. But as far as evidence goes, the source does note Bianca has been listed as a joint officer and manager of Oxpaha, LLC — a holding company Ye founded in October of last year. That may actually be important, because all of Ye’s recent fashion trademark applications and other biz ventures have been filed under that company’s name. Plus, a massive commercial building in WeHo, which insiders believe will be converted into a multi-purpose space to host both the Yeezy brand and Ye’s musical ventures, was purchased last year under the Oxpaha umbrella. And in that deal, the DM reports Bianca was granted special power of attorney on the property acquisition.

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So those business tidbits are definitely interesting. But then again, two things can be true at once! Bianca can be working behind the scenes to secure the bag (good for you girl, we can’t knock the hustle) while also being taken advantage of publicly by Ye as he parades her around in her birthday suit. Ya know??

Regardless, we are fascinated to see Bianca’s supposed “game plan” play out. When does the public-facing part of that strategy start? What will that look like?! Is there even an actual plan in place, or is this insider merely popping up to try to make her family back home Down Under feel better about her time in the spotlight with Ye?? Tell us what YOU think about all this in the comments (below), y’all!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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