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Christine Brown Assures Fans She Is NOT Leaving Sister Wives Despite Divorce From Kody Brown!

Christine Brown Assures Fans She Is NOT Leaving Sister Wives Despite Divorce From Kody Brown!

Don’t worry, Sister Wives fans — Christine Brown is staying on the show!

The 50-year-old reality TV personality split up from longtime husband Kody Brown last year after nearly three full decades together. The divorce drama between those two has been contentious, leading fans to wonder whether Sister Wives might go up in smoke along with the end of the relationship.

But fear not, TLC fans! It looks like Christine is dead-set on continuing to film for the show. She confirmed as much herself in a new TikTok video posted to her account this week!

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On Thursday, Christine hopped on the social media app to show the unfinished basement in her new home in Utah. She recently moved there after splitting from Kody and leaving behind the blended family’s compound in Flagstaff, Arizona. But even though she’s now a state away, Christine isn’t going to stop doing reality TV!

As she gave fans a tour of her basement — which has turned into an informal filming studio — the longtime Sister Wives star said to the camera:

“I am definitely not leaving Sister Wives. This is, in fact, the set in my home. I’m so excited. You’re going to love it.”

And then the tour was on!

Showcasing her basement — which she called her “favorite room” in the new house — Christine explained to fans that she was still able to film confessionals for the episodes.

All she has to do is take a short walk downstairs into the underground lair:

“So you can see behind me, this is where I sit, and it’s, like, way forward. Like, this is where I sit. The producer sits in this lovely desk that he made behind me. It’s my basement. It’s unfinished. It’s super awesome, it’s my favorite room in the house, is the basement. This is the set behind me. You don’t ever see what’s above there. But it’s got all these really cool book jackets. It’s beautiful.”

Sounds amazing! And efficient. There definitely isn’t any traffic on that commute! LOLz!!

To end the video, Christine doubled down on her intention to stay on Sister Wives and move forward with filming. In the final seconds of the clip, she reiterated to her fans:

“So there we go. It has unfinished walls, and the producer sits right there. And then the cameraman sits back in that closet right there. So, yeah, this is the set. I’m still doing Sister Wives. No worries, everybody. Take care! Thought you’d like a little bit of a sneak peek!”

You can see the full video (below):


Sneak peek of my new set in my basement in Utah! #sneakpeak #tlc #sisterwives #christinebrown #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Christine Brown

There you have it! Even though it was a shocker for fans last November when Christine announced she was leaving Kody and his other wives, she’s not going to be leaving reality TV! Good, because Sister Wife just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

Of course, two of Kody’s other wives — Meri and Janelle — have also since left the plural marriage. He is now only married to Robyn, who became his most recent wife when the pair tied the knot in 2014. So Sister Wives is set to change quite a bit in upcoming seasons for all involved, and not just Christine!

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Fans loved Christine’s new TikTok reveal. Down in the comments of the 55-second clip, they praised her new basement set and repeatedly asked for her to star in a spinoff show about life after Kody:

“Yes but I want a spin off show you and Janelle”

“I’m happy you’re not leaving, you’re my favorite!!!! You’re the best!!!”

“U and janelle need ur own show”

“YAASSSS give em all hell this season”

“so proud of you for finding the courage and strength to leave”

“Oh so glad to hear! You are radiant! Independence looks good on you!”

“It’s like a breath of fresh air i love the lighter vibes and totally you!”

“You deserve your own show… ‘Sisters after the Mr.'”

Well a spinoff would sure be interesting, wouldn’t it? Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via TLC/YouTube/Christine Brown/TikTok]

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