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Getting Nasty! Jesse James Responds To Bonnie Rotten Divorce Filing With His Own Demands!

Jesse James Response Bonnie Rotten Divorce Filing Details

We’re thinking no reconciliation is coming this time! Not when it’s already getting so nasty!

As you may have heard already, Jesse James‘ brand new wife — whom he just married in June — filed for divorce this past week. Twice, actually. Former porn star Bonnie Rotten, real name Alaina Hicks, accused the Outlaw Garage star of cheating on her in a series of Instagram Stories last Wednesday. She wasn’t playing around either; she almost immediately filed for divorce.

However, Jesse sweet-talked her on his own social media, and it apparently worked. In another lengthy IG statement, Bonnie announced she had “filed a non-suit to stop the divorce” and returned home to her man. Then just hours later, we’re talking like a whole day maybe… she filed for divorce again. No announcement, no IG post, nothin’. Whatever went down in that one day back, it must have told the assault rifle spokesmodel she was right to pull the trigger in the first place.

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Now we’re getting actual details about the legal filings, and contentious doesn’t even begin to describe it. Per docs obtained by Radar Online, Bonnie’s filing sounded pretty definitive, saying:

“The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities between ALAINA ANTOINETTE JAMES and JESSE GREGORY JAMES that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

For those who don’t know, that’s pretty boilerplate language for divorce in Texas. But two inneresting details caught our eye. First, she listed the date they stopped living together as spouses as November 29. That’s last Tuesday, meaning the night they had the fight which led to her accusing him of cheating. She didn’t count the day she came back at all. We take that to mean she had reason to return to that position — you know, the position that Jesse James, he of infidelity infamy, was a cheater. Shocking, we know.

The other wrinkle is that she confirmed in the legal docs that their union had produced a child, “expected in approximately 32 weeks.” Not only that, she said she had “insufficient income for support” under the circumstances and demanded temporary support from Jesse, as well as post-divorce maintenance and legal fees. She wants him to pay her to fight him. Huh.

The West Coast Choppers founder responded with his own demands, obtained by TMZ. He requested that he be able to stay in the couple’s house during the divorce — alone! He asked the court to block her from even being allowed to enter the premises! Damn! The same house he was begging her to return to just a week ago!

Something tells us she doesn’t want to spend any more time than she has to in a house with him — but we’d also guess plenty of her belongings are still there. So it feels like a harsh demand. (Then again, he probably doesn’t want her to get any more evidence than she already did, right?)

Jesse also asked for exclusive use of all the cars and other vehicles he owns. Simple enough — unless her car is in his name. We wonder if she’ll demand full use of the automatic weapons in response…

[Image via Jesse James/Bonnie Rotten/Instagram.]

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