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Joe Alwyn Thinks Ex Taylor Swift's 'Tacky' Romance With Matty Healy Was 'Embarrassing & Disappointing'?!

Joe Alwyn Thinks Ex Taylor Swift's 'Tacky' Romance With Matty Healy Was 'Embarrassing & Disappointing'

Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate… And ex-lovers even more so!

According to whispers on the street, Joe Alwyn was not too happy about Taylor Swift‘s brief romance with The 1975 frontman Matty Healy! We’re sure you could’ve guessed this, we mean — after a six year relationship coming to an end and some really big differences surrounding their careers, it’s no surprise The Favourite actor wasn’t happy to see his former Lover moving on so quickly (even if he was doing the same for himself).

But now that this whole Matty thing has come to an end, what did he really think about the rocker swooping in and snagging Tay Tay for himself? Well, according to sources for Radar, he was quite a bit less than thrilled.

First, on their breakup, the outlet’s insiders say he was hoping the 33-year-old musician would spare him the “Harry Styles treatment” — i.e. writing hit songs about him and his issues:

“It may have been delusional, but Joe was under the impression she’d spare him the Harry Styles treatment.”

Well, with Taylor being well-known for writing songs about her entire life — especially her love life — we’d have to agree he was pretty delusional if he thought she wouldn’t write some bops about their romance, for good or ill! In fact, she’s already got one out that’s allegedly about being at the point of nearly breaking up with him…

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Another source says the track You’re Losing Me isn’t about Joe at all, though, and claims it’s about someone else. Although — it’s pretty dang obvious it was about the Brit! The timing and all the lyrics make way too much sense for it to not be. But the insider did say, regardless of who the song is about, the 32-year-old actor is NOT happy with his ex’s most recent beau! They say his feelings about Taylor and Matty are all too well known:

“Joe finds it very embarrassing and disappointing — especially when she’s flaunting this tacky new romance. The hypocrisy and sheer rudeness of it all is off the charts. He’s not the type to kiss and tell, but he’s not a pushover either. He’s respectfully asking her to let him move on — and shut up!”


Previously it’s been claimed the exes parted ways still being friends, but after Matty came into the picture, maybe that’s all changed? It’s really no surprise if Joe, who’s always been so infamously private, isn’t too fond of Taylor being so public about her recent fling — but she’s living her best life now! Doesn’t sound like Sweet Nothing between them anymore; in fact, he sounds a little mad…

We can’t be sure where any of them stand now, though, as it was revealed earlier today the Anti-Hero songstress and the 34-year-old Indie rocker have called it quits after just short of a month of being spotted together. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see who gives us a hint next!

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