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Kanye West No Longer A Billionaire After Adidas Terminates Their Partnership Amid Antisemitic Comments

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Kanye West is no longer a billionaire.

The Chicago-born rapper has been taking a lot of Ls lately. Of course, the adversity has entirely been his own doing after multiple instances of ugly and unacceptable antisemitic comments. Now, he’s seeing the consequences of that commentary — and it ain’t good.

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According to Forbes, now that Adidas has terminated their relationship with the artist, his net worth no longer sits in the ten-digit range. The financial publication notes it’s not just the end of the Adidas deal that pushed Ye out of the billionaire club. Rather a combination of several things caused the checkdown — including Gap and Balenciaga walking away from the rapper, as well.

When you throw all those variables together, well, it pushes Ye back into the “hundreds of millions” group. That’s still not exactly chump change, but…

Based on Forbes‘ new estimates, they believe Ye to now be worth somewhere around $400 million. Remember, he was at somewhere near $1.3 billion over the last few years before all this terrible antisemitic commentary. So even though $400 million is still a ton of money, it’s waaaay short of his peak valuation. Yikes!

The outlet notes most of Ye’s net worth is coming from a couple notable sources: real estate holdings, cash, and his extensive music catalog. He also owns a very small stake in ex Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS brand. That business is a juggernaut, so it’ll help Ye along, no doubt — even though he’s not involved with the day-to-day operations or anything like that. But with things like Adidas and Gap out of the way, quite a bit of his brand has been cut off Just. Like. That.

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In their report from Tuesday morning, Forbes also shades the s**t out of the Jesus Walks rapper. Just read this passage (below) on how, for years, Ye has disputed the financial outlet’s claims about how much he is worth:

“Removing Ye from the Billionaires’ list caps off a years-long saga between the rapper and Forbes. Ye always felt his net worth was undervalued. When he first made the list in 2020, with an estimated $1 billion fortune, Ye wasn’t happy. ‘It’s not a billion,’ he texted us at the time. ‘It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.’ This pattern continued every year, with Ye continuing to complain about our low numbers.”

And their cutting commentary continued:

“For this year’s valuation, Ye sent documents claiming his Adidas partnership alone was worth $4.3 billion. When Ye learned he would clock in at $2 billion overall, his unhappiness with Forbes leaked to the tabloids.”


And now he’s not even close to ten figures. In fact, before these major company losses, he told Piers Morgan he was already at probably 120 million only in his account.

Money isn’t everything, but when you care about the number of zeroes as much as it seems like he does, then it sucks to suck! Especially when his awful antisemitism was the cause of his downfall!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

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Oct 25, 2022 16:20pm PDT