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Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's Relationship Is Now 'Nonexistent' After Latest Drama! Ouch! DETAILS HERE!

Kourtney Kardashian's Relationship With Scott Disick Is Now 'Nonexistent' After Younes Bendjima DM Drama

What was once such a good, healthy relationship has turned so sour it’s puckered into nothing.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are very much not seeing eye-to-eye at this point, weeks after model Younes Bendjima‘s infamous leaked direct message that showed Scott to be remarkably cynical about his ex’s relationship with Travis Barker.

And now, judging by what insiders are saying about the two co-parents, we’re wondering if they are ever again going to be as close as they once were.

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An insider spoke this week about the Poosh founder’s current relationship status with her ex-BF and baby daddy, telling Us Weekly the duo’s connection is not only completely unromantic, it’s also no longer the same level of friendship as it had been in the past.

Citing the DM drama as the source of major friction between the 42-year-old reality TV star and her 38-year-old former partner, the insider explained the current landscape involving the two public figures:

“Outside of coparenting, Scott and Kourtney’s relationship is nonexistent. He’s really just focused on being there for his kids and spending time with them, as well as focused on his brand and any opportunities that come his way.”

Ahh, yes. Nothing so El Lay quite like Scott being ‘focused on his brand.’ LOLz!

Reality TV jokes aside, it’s interesting to hear about this rift, and read between the lines a bit: after all, also on Thursday morning, Kourt’s little sis Kim Kardashian just spoke to TV host Ellen DeGeneres about how the KarJenner family has been taking such a long break from shooting their reality TV show after leaving cable in favor of Hulu.

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That break combined with this new distance between Kourtney and Scott begs the speculation, then: with Travis a bigger part of Kourt’s life just as Scott becomes “nonexistent,” could we be watching a full-on replacement here when it comes time to film again?? Scott makes for great TV, no question, but with Kourt seriously unhappy with him, what’s to stop momager Kris Jenner from icing out Lord Disick when filming begins again?

It’s not like Travis and his family aren’t stars in their own right…

It’s no secret Kourtney has dragged her feet on filming in the recent past, anyways. So is it even a stretch to wonder whether she’d give an ultimatum to the KUWTK brain trust, forcing them to choose between her or her s**t-talking ex?! Just saying!!!

Earlier this month, a source described the co-parents’ relationship as being “more strained than ever” after Kourtney’s touchy-feely Italy trip and Scott’s nasty reaction to it. Maybe it went from strained to broken??

“He’s on the prowl”

As if that’s not enough Lord Disick news for one day…

That same insider revealed to the mag that Scott “isn’t that interested” in dating seriously quite yet after his breakup with Amelia Hamlin, saying:

“[Scott] is not looking to jump into another relationship so quickly. If it happens, it happens. He’s keeping his eyes open. He likes being in a relationship, so you better bet he’s on the prowl.”

Isn’t not being ready to commit what kept him and Kourtney apart when she wasn’t in a happy, healthy, exhibitionist relationship with someone else?

Also, “on the prowl”? That’s how we’re describing it now? When there are teens involved??


What do U make of all this Disick drama, Perezcious readers??? What will the future hold for these two coparents who were, up until the last few months, still so close with each other?!

Sound OFF with your thoughts on where his future stands with Kourt and the rest of the KarJenner clan down in the comments (below)…

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