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Kristin Cavallari Reveals #1 Excuse She Uses To Escape Bad Dates!

Kristin Cavallari Reveals #1 Excuse She Uses To Escape Bad Dates!

Kristin Cavallari has some tricks up her sleeve when it comes to dating!

The Uncommon James founder revealed on the latest episode of her Let’s Be Honest podcast on Tuesday that she’s been known to make up excuses to get out of dates in the past. Her favorite one? Telling the interested guy that she’s already got a boyfriend:

“This is what I do. I have this fake boyfriend. There are multiple men right now that think I have a boyfriend. Why am I making up boyfriends?”

The 36-year-old clarified, however, she’s only used the excuse “about 10 times” in the past few years — and it’s all been with men who “lived outside of Nashville”! Well, except for one instance when she used the excuse on a guy from El Lay:

“I also said it to someone else in LA who I see every time I go to LA. Last time I was in LA [the guy] said to me … ‘How’s that boyfriend of yours?’ And I said, ‘He’s great.’ And he said, ‘What does he do?’ And I said, ‘He’s a country musician.’ … What the f**k?”

LOLz! Her imaginary boyfriend sounds like he’s doing well for himself! Maybe she’s got a secret desire to be with a country musician…

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The former MTV star said despite what she tells men, there’s “literally no one” in her life right now. As to why she lies in the first place — she says it’s mostly to let guys down easy, without hurting feelings:

“I will say — until now I just f**king ruined it, you’re welcome — it’s actually been kind of a nice way, because it’s a really gentle let down. So, I don’t know, I would say maybe try it.”

The Laguna Beach alum added that she’s never used the excuse on anyone she has “been even semi-serious with” — and sometimes she’s told men she’s had a boyfriend WHEN SHE HAS actually had a boyfriend. So she invited anyone who thinks they may have gotten the fake boyfriend excuse in the past to hit her up and find out:

“If I have said this to you and you’re still listening, I have said it before when it’s been true. So, if you want to bring it up with me, just go ahead and text me after this episode.”

Man, she’s just inviting some awkward convos, isn’t she??

If we were these guys, we’d just assume she was telling the truth and go live our lives! Why keep digging for a firmer NO, right??

Ch-ch-check out the full podcast episode (below):

Would U ever use Kristin’s “fake boyfriend” excuse to get out of a date, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below).

[Image via Kristin Cavallari/Instagram/Let’s Be Honest/YouTube]

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