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Orsolya Gaal's Accused Killer Suspected Of Curating YouTube Channel With Playlists Of Violent Crime Content

Orsolya Gaal's Accused Killer Suspected Of Curating YouTube Channel Featuring Violent Crime Content

The man accused of killing NYC wife and mother Orsolya Gaal may have run a disturbing YouTube channel with tightly-curated playlists featuring videos on true crime content, tips on how to seduce women, and more.

As we’ve been reporting, David Bonola is the 44-year-old man charged last Thursday with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon, for allegedly stabbing Gaal dozens of times inside her Queens home with her 13-year-old son upstairs. Cops claim Bonola then placed Gaal’s body in a duffel bag and dragged it to a nearby popular walking trail, where it was found early the next morning.

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Now, it appears the accused killer may have been engaging in disturbing anti-social behavior online. According to The Sun, an old YouTube channel with the name “David Bonola” had “thousands” of carefully-organized videos in multiple playlists, including more than 750 videos of “local news reports about violent crimes, including rapes, murders and shootings.”

Bonola’s alleged channel contained various clips of high-profile murders that have made the news recently, including the 2019 stabbing death of NYC college student Tessa Majors, and the grisly 2020 murder of Drew Carey‘s ex-fiancée Amie Harwick in Los Angeles. Other content included a playlist labeled “interesting,” which housed a video titled “How An AK-47 Works.”

In addition to a significant amount of crime news stories and other violent content, Bonola’s alleged YT channel had multiple playlists full of video tips for attracting and picking up women. Per the outlet, one playlist held more than 200 videos with titles like “7 Mindsets That Attract Women Like Crazy,” “3 ‘Older Guy’ Attraction Tricks That Will Attract ALL Women,” and “How to Be Instantly Irresistible And How To Get A Girlfriend (Even If She’s Not Interested In You At First).”

Other “pickup artist” style content curated on the channel included unsettling clips with “tips” about how to exert influence over women, including “How To Get Your Ex To Think About You Constantly,” and another one entitled “How to Break the Loop of Obsession.”

As we’ve previously reported, in the days since Bonola’s high-profile arrest, cops discovered that the handyman was allegedly a known harasser. To that end, he allegedly caused repeated problems for female coffee shop baristas with his supposedly creepy and unsettling advances. Thus, this YouTube channel would seem to align with some of those harassment claims.

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Regarding Gaal’s tragic murder, Bonola allegedly told cops he had an affair with the married woman for two years prior to her death earlier this month. Cops are still piecing together the timeline of events from that awful night, and Bonola remains in custody on the murder charges.

Here is the latest on the investigation into Gaal’s death (below):

According to that CBS New York report, Bonola is expected to appear in court to face the charges against him at some point on Tuesday.

[Image via CBS New York/YouTube]

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