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Why Prince William & Princess Catherine Refused To Tell Harry & Meghan About Cancer Diagnosis!

Prince William & Princess Catherine Refused To Tell Harry & Meghan About Cancer Battle As Feud Is At ‘All Time Low’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really were kept in the dark when it came to Princess Catherine‘s health conditions!

As the New York Times reported, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex learned about Kate Middleton‘s cancer diagnosis at “around the same time the rest of the world found out.” Pretty brutal considering the seriousness of the disease and the fact they’re family! But royal experts aren’t surprised at all! Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams thinks this all boils down to the fact the ex-royals “can’t be trusted” anymore! Oof!

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Addressing Harry and Prince William‘s ongoing beef, Richard told The Sun on Sunday:

“There’s a deep rift between the brothers — that we know. We also know that they haven’t apparently spoken in many months, and the reason, of course, is that for some four years they’ve caused endless problems to the royal family and so they can’t be trusted.”

You’d think some of these trust issues would be put aside amid cancer news like this, but nope! Referencing the Archewell co-founders’ many tell-all projects, the insider continued:

“William hasn’t trusted Harry and Meghan and I mean with good reason. We know with Oprah [Winfrey], the Harry and Meghan programme for Netflix, Spare and then with the interviews surrounding his book. There was no reason to monetise their links with the royal family.”

This is actually one of the big reasons the Sussexes haven’t been let back into the fold. It’s not just that they aired the royals’ dirty laundry in the past — it’s the possibility this behavior might never stop. Considering the media projects are pretty much the only thing the couple has done successfully since leaving their working royal roles, the British public relations consultant added:

“The trouble is that’s the only thing that appears to have made a lot of money for them. That raises other questions as to what they’ll be doing in the future.”

If Meg can’t get her new company up and running, what’s to stop the couple from releasing another book or doc that would further expose William, Kate, and the rest of their estranged relatives? Makes sense why they aren’t trusted with secrets!

Richard isn’t the only royal expert who weighed in on the report! Author Phil Dampier told the outlet Harry and Meghan are at the “bottom” of Kate and Will’s priorities amid this medical emergency:

“The Sussexes weren’t told about it because the relationship between William and Harry is at an all time low. When Harry came over to see his father [King Charles III] after his cancer was diagnosed, William could have made time to meet him had he wanted to attempt a reconciliation, but he didn’t. Harry spent less than two days in the country and didn’t want to spend much time with his own father, let alone his brother.”

The Royally Suited writer continued, referencing the photoshop controversy:

“It’s quite simple. I don’t think with all they’ve had to cope with in the last couple of weeks, dealing with Harry and Meghan would certainly have been bottom of their list. Their priorities were looking after their children and deciding how to deal with the social media conspiracy theories and undoing the damage done by the photo.”

He doubled down:

“I just don’t think it would have been a priority to contact Harry and Meghan.”

While it’s hardly shocking, it certainly shows things have NOT gotten better amid the ongoing feud! That said, Harry and Meghan were quick to send a message of support to the ailing princess, so maybe not all hope is lost?

Thoughts? Do you think the family will be able to reconcile amid this health battle? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN/MEGA]

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