Savannah Guthrie DESTROYED Sarah Huckabee Sanders On ‘TODAY’ Over Mueller Report Findings — Get All Caught Up HERE

In case you missed it over the weekend — no one would blame you, considering it was a purposely-timed Sunday afternoon news dump by Donald Trump‘s hand-picked Attorney General — Robert Mueller‘s report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election has been completed.

And while Mueller found no evidence to tie Trump directly and explicitly to Russian attempts to interfere at the ballot box, the report also notes (cryptically) that the team was NOT able to exonerate the President from bad dealings with the Russians, either!

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The release of the report, and the contents therein, are both considerably more complicated than that two paragraph rundown we just gave you — but the issue is, well, the public doesn’t know exactly how much more complicated it is, because the report itself has not actually been released to the American people.

Only a four-page summary of the report exists in the public sphere — written by A.G. William Barr, who was appointed earlier this year by Trump himself.

A Report On The Report

Some Democrats on Monday are understandably scrambling after Mueller’s findings failed to show concrete evidence that Trump was in the tank with the Russians all election. And it’s honestly a tough blow to some of the left who thought Mueller was to be their saving grace to end a Trump presidency. Oops!

But the issue has shifted away from that, now, to a freedom of information problem: the only public knowledge that anybody has about what’s supposedly in Mueller’s findings comes slanted in favor of Trump thanks to Barr — the Trump-appointed public official who has read the report and chosen to only release a four-page document with his own opinions and spin, rather than publishing the actual two-hundred-plus page document itself for the American public to read.

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A report on the report?! No thanks… good or bad, exonerated or not, just give us the whole damn thing!!! And yet that partisan letter (below) is all we have, a mere book report that scratches the surfaces and glosses over what are likely to be extremely detailed findings in the report itself:

Not great!

Time for Trump to be fully transparent — especially if he’s been exonerated, right?!

That’s 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren‘s position (below):

And increasingly, it appears that is what most Democrats are now going to fight for in Congress.

The House of Representatives recently voted (unanimously!) to make the findings of the report public, so we should have no problem seeing the full document pretty quickly… right????

Savannah Vs. Sarah

Now, the fight moves towards just that: whether the American people will ever be able to read Mueller’s report in its own words, and in its entirety. And that fight took a big step forward this morning on TODAY, when Savannah Guthrie mercilessly took down The Donald’s Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, over whether Mueller’s work should ever see the public eye.

Sanders — and Trump — seem to be all for it… until they’re not. Here’s that contentious interview, in full (below):


Sanders seems like she’s ALWAYS on the defensive (understandable, considering who she has to defend! LOLz!) but even on a day like today where Trump should be winning after Mueller was admittedly unable to find the smoking gun… it still feels like he’s losing.

What happened to all that winning we were promised?! Sad!!!

The American People React

As you might expect, the Mueller fall-out — and Guthrie’s on-air takedown of Sanders — is getting quite a bit of traction on social media early Monday morning. Here’s but a small sampling of how people are reacting to the latest whirlwind of news surrounding The Donald and his crazy political career (below):

Talk about a country divided…

The Mueller saga is more or less over, but it already feels like we’re never going to be closer to being united by any kind of political consensus again, doesn’t it?

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And that’s just about Guthrie’s interview with Sanders!!! When you get down to reaction on the report itself, too… well, let’s just say it seems like NOBODY is happy (below):

Trump’s Big Win

Ugh… we just threw up in our mouths a little bit even thinking about this… but no matter how you slice it, this is a win for the President. Though he may not yet be fully exonerated, he’s already doing a victory dance at the White House — and on Twitter, too, where he seemed to be elated over the last 24 hours while sending out a flurry of tweets about the report (below):


More From Mueller

If for some reason you haven’t been paying any attention to the Mueller conclusions and where we go from here (bless you, kind soul), TODAY has been doing a good job parsing the fall-out with Guthrie and political reporter Hallie Jackson, like in this clip discussing what happens next (below):

And in this one, with political analyst Nicolle Wallace, on the fine line the report seems to walk between not recommending Trump for charges in the Russia probe, but also not being able to fully exonerate him, either (below):

It’s complicated! It all was a mess before Mueller’s findings came out, it’s all a mess now, and it’ll all be a mess for the foreseeable future, it would seem. And nobody’s happy! Democrats are upset that it now appears Trump will walk away from this unscathed, and the President’s camp is upset over the potential un-edited contents of the full report being released for us all to see. Nobody ever wins!!!

Well… maybe Lori Loughlin wins, considering today’s Mueller fall-out has (temporarily) removed her name from some of the headlines! Ha!!!

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What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?! Do you want to see the full, unedited Mueller report? Do you think we ever will???

Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below)!!!

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Mar 25, 2019 7:40am PDT